The Use Of Polymer Clay To Help Children Improve Their Art Skills By Garie Sim

The Use Of Polymer Clay To Help Children Improve Their Art Skills
By Garie Sim

Polymer clays are non-tonic, durable man-made art modeling medium. It can be combined with other materials, such as wood, plaster, metal, paper, foils etc, to enhance creativity in many art projects. The texture is similar to ceramic clay, but it will not dry out when exposed to air.
Over hundreds of colours of polymer clay are available in different brands. At the same time, you can also create your own colour by adding oil paint to the clay. There are unlimited possibilities in creating arts pieces, recycling, sculptures, clay animation and toys with polymer clay. Various types of polymer clay are available. For example, liquid clay can transfer images, some polymer clay that can create into moulds, float on water and glows in the dark, and there are others that can bake to become bendable and flexible.
Polymer clay can be baked in toaster oven or regular oven at 130º C (275 º F), as compared to ceramic/earthen clays that need to fire in the kiln at 816º C (1500 º F). The completed art pieces can also be painted with air brush / art brush, using acrylic paints or colour spray cans. This will further enhance your clay creation.
Hardened clay can be sanded, carved, drilled, buffed and re-baked to attach additional features. With the new improved formulation, polymer clay now contains no common allergens. It is lead and phthalate-free! Some brands are also added with natural beeswax, making it closer to creating 'Green Clay'.
Learning various creative clay techniques and skills helps children towards self-expression. It is a powerfully therapeutic activity that helps to develop their minds and work towards realizing any child's dream.
I have been in this area for more than 25 years. I have done intensive research, tests and experiments on the benefits of children playing with clay. My study reveals the versatility of the medium. It helps to promote children's capacity to imagine, mould and create.
Playing with polymer gets children to exercise their eyes, hands and fingers through kneading, shaping and sensing the shapes they create. This will help improve their communicative skills, reflexes reactions, social skills and cultivate positive self-image and confidence.
Unlike traditional earthen clay used in pottery, the colourful polymer clay encourages a child's sense of visual artistry. The malleability of clay also creates a wonderful opportunity for the child to exercise his or her imagination.
The key benefit of play clay in this succinct lays the foundation for creative thinking in children. It can also help children to focus and visualize better, and instill in them the necessary life skill of problem-solving. Last, but not least, it will help in promoting the initiative necessary for young entrepreneurship and work towards a more creative art society.


Fast Food

Make what you like to eat with Clay, is my best Play Day.


The Clay Park

Create a park with Clay and you can Play with the swan on 
Water Crystal Gel pond everyday.


The Mammoth

Clay can create anything and revived the Extinct.


Recycle Jet Plane

Come any closer to my Recycle Jet,........the Clay Pilot, 
will shoot water on your face!



Who is more Kawaii?


Hover Craft

How do you like my Craft? Wait till you see it float in water 
and hover on Magnetic Power


Polar Bear On Gels

Clay with water Crystal Gel makes reallistic 
Polar Bear Diorama



I tell you my secret, .............I'm afraid of Mummy


Rotating World Globe

He's got the whole world in his hands.........


Cute Fat Astro Kid

Too much Clay makes him cute, I hope he's still be 
able to Fly.


Clay Elephant

Don't feed my clay elephant........unless, you have........ 
Clay Nuts!


Polar Bear And Liquid Clay

It's useless to eat me anyway, we will die together 
because of Global Warming.


The Bear Container

You are welcome to donate plenty of money into my Clay 
Tummy and Trolley


The Twelve Chinese Zodiac Animals

Choose your Chinese Clay Zodiac Animal and I will.............
tell you all your Bad Fortune!



Oh! ..good....doggy......sit! .....sit!, ahhhh.....the glass tube 
is just too slippery, I wish I'm a Spideycat.


Clay Plane And Clay Car

From Clay Plane to Clay Car, design direction with clay 
will go very Far.


House Of The Magic Animals

Now you see me, now you don't, my House Of The Magic 
Animals will create the Magic others don't.



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