Opportunity For Students And 
Budding Young Artists

Commercializing Polymer Clay Creation

Using polymer clay to create arts and crafts is the most versatile clay art medium. 
Now, students can create and commercialize their works through the use of silicon 
mold and Pu Resin. We can cast each and individual art works, for post production, 
prototype toys, outdoor functions, school projects, events and others.
By able to produce a smaller quantity at a reasonable price, students can promote 
their creation and encourage young entrepreneurship in starting small businesses.
Below, are examples of Molding and Casting.

Comparison of the cast models and the original clay master, PU Resin can be added with Mica powder, Glow in the Dark, texturing materials and others, creating special effects. You can apply acrylic paints onto the cast model.

Harriz Adry 7 years old "Yellow Submarine"


The Original Polymer Clay Creation


Cast in PU Resin, parts waiting for assembling.


Testing the prototype submarine

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