Sculpey UltraLight!

Soft and light clay bakes hard in your oven!

Mold, sculpt, stamp, pattern, blend, cut . . . just like regular Sculpey clays!


Sculpey UltraLight™ is the newest and most versatile member of the Polyform family of clays. UltraLight is lightweight and extremely soft but bakes so hard thatit won't crack or break, even in larger pieces. However, UltraLight remains flexible when rolled thin, so it is ideal for paper crafts, especially for personalized embellishments or to duplicate add-ons at a fraction of the cost.

    This soft, easy-to-handle clay can be used to create just about anything. UltraLight can be used as a filler for polymer clay beads, helping to keep jewelry especially larger pieces light and comfortable.     Used to create decorative accents, the baked-hard clay can be sanded, drilled, buffed and painted with 100 percent acrylic paints, right along with the rest of the project. This versatile new product even floats, making it perfect for floating candle holders or bathtub toys.     Making Christmas ornaments that don't cause tree branches to sag is a trick with any craft. New UltraLight is the perfect medium for ornaments, especially large ones.     UltraLight is a great replacement for tin foil armatures, offering a smoother base for clay projects to be built around. Because it bakes so hard that it won't crack, larger sculpting projects are finally possible with UltraLight foundations. In addition to accepting paint beautifully, when covered with Sculpey and Premo clays, the new ultra-light clay chemically bonds together with the covering material to make the final project even stronger. Sculpey UltraLight is an extremely versatile clay that allows you to do things that could never be done before with clay. It turns hard as a rock when baked so it won't break or crack, even in large pieces. When rolled thin and baked, the clay remains flexible, making it the ideal product for paper crafts. Sculpey UltraLight even floats! This soft, lightweight and easy-to-handle clay can be used to create just about anything. Sculpey UltraLight can be colored by mixing it with Sculpey III or Premo polymer clay. When used as a base for armatures or large beads, shape Sculpey UltraLight to desired form and bake. Remove from oven and allow to cool. Cover Sculpey UltraLight to desired form and bake. Remove from oven and allow to cool. Cover Sculpey UltraLight base with Sculpey III or Premo clay and bake again. Sculpey III and Premo clay sill chemically bond to the Sculpey UltraLight base when baked and make the final piece strong and crack resistant.

Once cool, baked pieces can be polished, sanded, drilled, carved and painted the 100% acrylic paints. If using oil-based or water-based acrylic paints, seal with Sculpey Glaze before painting. Pottery or dishes made from Sculpey UltraLight should be used for decorative purposes only, not with food, beverages or smoking materials. Bake in an oven-proof glass or metal surface at 130 C(275 F) for 15 minutes per 6mm (1/4") thickness. DO NOT USE MICROWAVE OVEN. DO NOT exceed the above temperature or recommended baking time. Remove from oven and allow to cool. Supervise children during baking.


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