About Kervyn Chong

Since young, Kervyn shows great interest in hands-on things. But unfortunately
he was unable to talk and communicate with anyone. After some childcare
centres unable to accept Kervyn into their centre, finally I brought my son to
see a specialist, but he's unable to find out any problem with Kervyn and he
told me to be patience as some kids took longer to talk.

After he reached seven, I could not enroll him in Primary School due to his
speech problem although I did brought him to Juliet Mccully Speech Training
Centre. Finally I brought him to KK Hospital for a checkup and the doctor told
me that he had to go to a special school due to autistic. As a mother I was unable
to believe this but as a Buddhist I had to accept the reality. After a short while
in Grace Orchard School (Special School for Autistic) he shows great
improvement in his speech. As I remembered very well, I did come across Play
Creation near Katong place, I began to look for it to enroll my son to help him
improved even better. Finally I found them behind my estate, I was in joy as I
was looking for them. Immediately I called up and have a chat with Auntie
Theresa, she was very helpful and I began to enroll Kervyn in Play Creation in
no time. My son shows great interest in Play Creation. He has thus improved
tremendously not only in his speech, he even can communicate. What a great joy
and happiness! After all the hardwork..stress and patience I been thru, it bears

At Grace Orchard School, he's awarded with Best Conduct in his class, and Most
Outstanding Pupil in ASD(Autism Spectrum Disorder) 2005, not only that he
will be promoted to MLD(Moderate Learning Difficulties) in 2006.!

I take this opportunity to thank the patience and encouragement from Grace
Orchard School teachers and also Play Creation, Uncle Gary, Auntie Theresa
and Joelyn.

Felicia Chua
1th December 2005


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