Designing The Future


by Garie Sim

My favorite subjects are the sciences of medical innovations, inventions, space travel, UFO, exploration of the ocean and archaeology. I have always believed in the philosophy of "Man Creates and Man Destroys." Inevitably,we are the designer and destroyer of our beloved planet Earth. Whether we like it or not it is difficult to control the situation -- the countdown has begun. We are now heading towards the end. But, before this happens, there will be new technologies.

Perhaps technology which will enable us to travel to great distances in the universe and making homes out there in space, live under the ground, live in great depths of the ocean, and as our planet gets hotter and hotter each year, seaweeds will be our source of vegetables. In this future, the thin thermal suit will be the normal fashion, and it will automatically adjust and control body temperatures to suit extreme cold or hot weather conditions. Building materials could enable us to trap the cold of the night or rainy day and amplify the coolness into the room to last the hot day. The wall materials could insulate our homes without the use of air conditioners or heaters, which consume lots of energy. We could take a bath without the use of water, just chemical cleaning chambers. Consumption of artificially created foods could control or eliminate human excretions, especially for space travellers. Multi-purpose transportation will be able to travel on air and into the sea. One of my childhood dreams was to live and see cars without wheels in the not too distant future; cars that can travel with great speeds, without having to acquire driving license. I dislike the idea of cloning humans, there are so many potential problems. Although I can think of numerous good benefits to human kind, what if someone decided to clone Hitler secretly, or some bad wealthy and powerful men just want to live forever?

There were many design ideas that I have created in my sketch books. Some of my innovations are wacky and funny. It is just something I like to do. Computers and software will help all designers to create a better future. Hopefully it will not be too late to save mankind. The computer systems as a designing tool will be a standard item for all designer's work places, replacing drawing pens and color mediums. The designer will be able to enjoy and take advantage of the user friendly computers, as it gets integrated into one system. The world is getting smaller, and communication at our finger tips. Just for the fun of it I have visualized and created an idea of a multi functional Communication Note Pad for professional designers, with possibilities of many other uses. The following is a scenario that I visualized for the use of the communication pad for Architects, Engineers, Designers and others after the year 2000.

An international design house which handles many projects around the world, is coordinated by the Chief designer in the head office. The chief designer cannot be able to visit and inspect every single site.

Solution: Communication Note Pad with stereoscopic digital camera, which can be detached, and mounted on top of the Pad for teleconferencing when used as a computer with a conceal digital keyboard. The stereo camera can also be mounted on the safety helmet or clipped onto the pocket with the digital identification tag.

The Communication Note Pad comes with a 680 x 480 multiple display digital screen, has a built in modem with option of switching from 32bit to black to white digital mode, and stereo images are viewing without the use of 3D glasses. It will be carried by a handful of site supervisors around the world. If one of these supervisors encounters a problem, he can relay the situation to his main office, where a team of designers will be able to resolve complex problems. The solution provided by the main office will then be relayed back to the supervisor's note pad. A meeting with others would then be held at the site office. The supervisor would be able to watch and monitor the situation on his multi-functional digital screen back at the main office.

Another feature about the Communication Note Pad is the images or information can be projected onto a screen, and stereo sound enhancement can be transmitted through the site office sound system amplifier. All hard copies will be produced through any new digital fax/copier. The idea of communication between job sites was conceived on March 3rd, 1992, and was futher improved on January 26th, 1996.

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Communication Digital Note Pad

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