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Concept And Design Created By Garie Sim 16th Feb.2000


As we enter into the new millennium, there is a sense of rapid acceleration into new technologies, perhaps it is because of the imminent disaster in the near future, global warming, meteorites, diseases and contaminations. Advancing the new technology means that there are chances that we can save our planet or we could be influenced by science fiction story books, movies and television series, projecting our civilization to be advance in new technologies, for the year 2000. I just loves to dream, there are also many dreamer like me , with many other ideas circulating in their mind. I was afraid that I will loose my ideas, so I draw them on my sketch books. But these days, the computer had made me a better dreamer. I might not be right in some of the specifications, but, who cares, I just loves to dream and I will continue to create. Perhaps some of my dream creations someday, will be a reality.


The above computer was design as an improvement on my earlier version of the COMM PAD computers. The computer is just about the size of your file and it will be very light. As we progress further every microprocessor, memory chip and many of the computer components will be even more compact, thinner and smaller, the design and the size of the computers will also be affected by the new technologies. The computer will have more processing power and speed, it will be link to your home computer via high speed broad bandwidth internet connection. Computers do not need to have big hard disk, it will utilized solid state memory storage chips, with a capacity of between 200mb to 300mb to store data, basic system and images. This will act as a buffer for collecting information before downloading to your home main CPU or to your office server. As for the home computer, it will be managing your home environment and processing every day information. Family member will be allotted filling spaces in the home CPU accessing email or information through their individual COMM 2005. Communication between family members, your home or workplace will be easy and efficient. Talking to anyone through the computer will be a standard 3D stereoscopic screen via a stereo camera. The 3D images are created through the multi layer transparent poly carbonate glass digital screen, by alternating the images overlapping each other it will generate 3D images. Flat stereo speakers will be a common item in all computers, the speaker will be produce in all kind of sizes. The COMM 2005 computer is for the general consumer, school, with option to customize your own color preference and additional features, such as solar cells adapter.

The next design will be a E-COMMERCE computer, for those shopping online and those investing in the stock market, it will require a DIRECT ACCESS CARD, employed finger print technology. This will be a better security feature as compare to signature or voice over to confirm your card transaction. The card also store the data of your measurement, weight, medical profile, qualification and resume, your image icon. In case, you lost the card, you can verify by thumb print and also verify with the stored data in the card. The DIRECT ACCESS CARD is a unique card which can perform multiple functions, is a credit card, cash card, bank card, digital imaging card, bus card, train card, phone card, car access card and home security card, all roll into one. As for the E-COMM 2005, it is a talking computer, takes your instruction through your voice and reply to you 'like your secretary' dictating your routines, reading your mails, appointments etc. By having a E-COMM 2005, the keyboard will be able be detach and change to any other keyboards. This feature is to prevent children from playing games with it or others getting access to your confidential files and informations. With the E-COMM 2005, you need the card to initiate the operation of the computer. So, if you do not have the card you really cannot live without it.


Basic Operation Feature

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