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First it was Microsoft launching of the Tablet PC at Comdex/Fall 2000 at Las Vagas on 13th November.

" Well, to begin with, you can balance it in one hand it will be about the size of a writing tablet. "


For that, Microsoft had infringed on my conceptual Idea and Design. This was the first step towards the reality of my creation of the COMMPAD Computer. After all I had predicted that it will happen after year 2000. ABOUT THE COMPAD Design concept and ideas in creating the Commpad Computer, updated on 26th Jan 1996


I had realized the potential important of a computer pad, sightly bigger than the size of a A4 note pad use by most of the site foremen. The note pad computer should be light and easy to carry around with a built-in camera to relay information from work site to the head office. The progress of works can be updated from the construction site. The idea was conceived in March 1992, creating preliminary design idea on sketches and drawings. It will definitely be a tool for the Designer of the future. The Pad is also a useful tool for Artists, Architects, Industrial and Interior Designers, Engineers, Scientist, Astronauts, Doctors, Teachers, Students and others. The concept and design of the Pad was subsequently updated to include a stereoscopic camera on 26th Jan 1996. Stereoscopic Glasses have been around for at least more than five years in the commercial market, it will eventually be cheaper and becomes a common household item. In the near future the Stereoscopic Glasses will become a wearable computer screen you will be able to access any data from anywhere. It can be a fashionable sun glasses wearable light weight computer, built for communication and entertainment, manipulated through brain waves and movement of the eyes.




THE FUTURE FOR 3D STEREO IMAGING Visualization of a 3D stereo images from a desktop computer screen, will be essential, for many applications. The next step, computer user will be able to view it without the use of the glasses. Eventually 3D stereo imaging on your desktop PC, will be a standard in all the computers. As the bandwidth expands, there will be more and more potential applications and connections. Conceptual Design of the 3D Desk Station and Multiple Digital Lens Stereo Camera


3D GLOBAL AND SPACE TOURS One of the great benefit for the use of the COMMPAD computer in the commercial world will be virtual tours anywhere in the world or to the moon, mars and space station orbiting around the earth. I call it 3D STEREO GLOBAL AND SPACE TOURS, shopping anywhere on earth, without leaving your home and enjoying it. Tour organizer around the world will be equipped with STEREOSCOPIC CAMERAS AND COMMPAD Computers . Virtual 3D Tour operator will be able to appoint tour guides at any destination in the world, for your 3D Virtual Travel. It can cater to a group of ten or more at home via HIGH RESOLUTION STEREO DIGITAL TELEMONITOR or TELEGLASS with SURROUND DIGITAL SOUNDS. During various stage of the tours you can take digital images of the group automatically composed with the background via a Stereoscopic camera at the home location. You can also take individual digital images. The composure will be completed through built-in software and image enhancer and can be printed through the 3D Stereo Printer. You can select the mode to print normal of stereo images together with the back scenery wherever your destination. Shopping during the Virtual 3D Tours will be a breeze, example, When you are at a busy shopping district of Tokyo and like to buy a cute soft toys, you can instruct the tour guide to approach the vendor. You can ask for the price through a built-in automatic language and currency converters, you communicate and bargain with the vendor directly in Japanese language or any languages. The sale or transaction will be completed through Direct Access Card System at home. The total purchase will included the express freight charges to any destination. You will received the goods within 2 to 3 days period right at your door step. Off course there will be limitations nothing like traveling to the actual places. The whole idea will be just fun and entertaining for the whole family and busy executives, after all not every one will be able to afford to travel to that many places in a short time frame, without burning a hole in your pocket. You will be safer in your own comfortable home environment rather than taking airplanes, spacecrafts or ships, it will definitely keep the elderly very happy at home. GARIE SIM, 3D GLOBAL/SPACE TOURS CREATED ON 6th JULY 1999 NEW CONCEPT IN COMPUTER DESIGN



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