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Garie Sim has finally put out a book (only the first, I hope!) featuring some of his clay ideas and creations.
...There are many wonderful ways to use polymer clay but many of them aren't often utilized, so I really love it when someone does use clay in those less common ways.
...Over the years at his website Garie has shared many of his wonderful mostly-whimsical creations (including motion toys, floatables, submersibles, magnetics, some on springs, and more), as well as his techniques for "painting with clay," .his experiments on the characteristics of polymer clays and materials relating to them, his chess pieces and boards, .his closed ant "environments," his various mixed-media critters and figures using clay with other things like pingpong balls, springs, test tubes (for vase stands), plastic domes, chenille stems, pompoms, etc, and just many other types things of interest to kids (..and many interesting ideas for adults too); he teaches these in his Singapore "school" as well.
....Garie has also always wanted to help all kids to blossom and to develop a creative eye and spirit from interacting with clay --including those with learning difficulties, etc.
... He emphasizes fun (and using recycled objects when possible), but many of his toy items also happen to include scientific principles that kids can "learn by doing." His projects also help their creators learn to recognize and express their own ideas and styles.
..."Got Clay Can Play"
...all of Garie's site:

Diane Black
10th Jan. 2007


Glass Attic
polymer clay "encyclopedia"

Available at the National Library Board Singapore

Thank you for the delightful book

" Dear Garie -
Thank you so very much for sending me a copy of your new book.
How wonderful that you have this project in print! The book is
beyond charming - I love the projects and always admire how you
include the children. That is a subject very near and dear to my heart. "

Your clay friend -
Jeannie Havel
Polymer Clay Polyzine
13 Apr 2007

Your lovely book!

" Thank you so much for sending me the copy of your book! It is great fun with excellent projects - and I love the pictures of the children. You have so many good ideas! I'm sorry not to have written before but I have been away. " Best wishes, Sue Heaser Author/Professional Craftswoman 16 Apr 2007

Book Avaliable At The Following Major Book Outlets In Singapore And Malaysia MPH: Parkway Parade, Raffles City, Citylink mall Popular: BB2 (brash Basah), Bukit Panjang, Bukit Timah, Causeway Point, Compassvale point, Eastpoint, Heartland Mall, Hougang Mall, Jubilee, Junction 8, Jurong East, Jurong Point, 2 Lot 1, Marine Parade, Northpoint, Singapore Post Centre, Tampines Mall, Thomson Plaza, Tiong Bahru, Toa Payoh-HDB, West Mall, WhiteSand, United Square Kinokuniya: Ngee Ann City, Bugis Junction, Liang Court, Kinokuniya Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) Book N Biz Borders@Wheelock Bldg, HarbourFront Book U By The Art House Oversea Family School PageOne Times Booker International

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Featured In The Summer Issue Of The PolymerCAFE Magazine


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Garie!!! I just got my Polymer Cafe magazine today and I found the article about your book!! Then, I see your announcement about the book being available and I got so excited that was bouncing all over the place yapping at my hubby .."look, look, it's our Garie, he's got his book out"! LOL! My hubby gets that look on his face that lets me know that I'm close to the edge and I need to go throw some cold water on my face or something. To be fair, I do the same thing to him when he's drooling over lawnmowers. LOL!

Garie wrote ...>>>I am looking forward to the Summer issue of PolymerCAFE Magazine, there's a short article about the book.<<<

Hugs, Luny :]


Yes Garie, I have been trying to get as much of that as I can =)

It does help to have wonderful artists such as yourself featured. I am so happy you have a book out now. I don't get much time for reading offline, but I know it must be very good, I visit your site time and time again as well as on many occasions give you kudos and send others the link to your site for help and great advice when using polymer clay.

The feature is updated and now mentions your new book and its US availability. I am so glad you are happy to share, I am a person who feels the very same so that is why we get along so well <wink>.


"A Little Imagination & a Tiny Bit of Cre8tivity" 
Andrea Renee
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Cre8tive Cre8tions (Cre8tive_Babe) North Miami Beach, Florida USA


Thanks for your welcome.
A huge congratulations for your book and your article in Polymer Clay Cafe.
A big hug from a below 0ºC Buenos Aires. (Last monday, it snowed... it was 89 years since the last time that happened in Buenos AIres... we are freezing!!)


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Some Comments About The Book

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Book Review: Got Clay Can Play


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