Dear Garie


My name is Rachel, I am contacting you on behalf of the Saatchi Gallery here in London. Whilst searching the web I came upon your site and was impressed by the high standard of work. I would like to tell you about a new development here at the Saatchi Gallery. We have created a new resource entitled Your Gallery; this allows artists to post their work and information on The Saatchi Gallery site. You can post up to eight images, biographical information, information about you and your art, as well as your own contact details and website. This is not a transaction site and there is no fee, we have created this to assist artists in raising their profile. Curators, collectors as well as thousands of visitors that we get everyday have the opportunity to view your work. You have your own page which you can update as much as you wish. If you are interested please visit: or e-mail for more information.


Rachel Miles



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