What Is Polymer Clay?

"Polymer Clay-A modern modeling compound composed primarily of PVC resin, 
plasticiser, and pigments as well as other fillers including mica"

Sarajane's Polyclay Gallery

"Polymer Clay ­ a synthetic material consisting of tiny polyvinyl chloride particles 
suspended in plasticizers and mixed with various pigments. It is soft and pliable 
when raw, and becomes hard when cured. Items sculpted out of polymer clay are 
waterproof and fade-resistant."

Eugena's Polymer Clay Glossary

"Polymer clay is a sculptable material based on the polymer polyvinyl chloride. 
It usually contains no clay minerals, and is only called "clay" because it can be used
 for similar purposes as natural clay."

Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

"Polymer clay is, as the name implies, a pliable, blendable polymer compound 
for artists and crafters. It's not a true clay - clay is fine particles of silicate suspended 
in water, whereas polymer clay is fine particles of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) 
suspended in plasticizer - but it can be used much like clay."

The Polymer ClaySpot

"First of all, Polymer Clay is not true clay found in the earth. It was first developed 
in 1930, in Germany. It is made from PVC, polyvinyl chloride...the same family 
of plastics that make up the plumbing in your home. It is mixed with a plasticizer
 and color pigment is added."

Polymer Clay Central

"Polymer Clay is not something found in the earth, but in fact is PVC (polyvinyl 
chloride) plastic. Similar plastics are frequently used in today's plumbing and 
water piping. Tiny grains of PVC are mixed with plasticizers and pigments. 
When the clay is baked at the proper temperature (varying from 212 to 275 
degrees Fahrenheit depending upon the make and color), chemical changes 
occur and the particles fuse into a solid mass without shrinking."

Jim's Polymer Clay Page

"Polymer clay is a plastic modeling material available in numerous vibrant colors. 
It is made of made from polyvinyl chloride (PVC), plasticizer, and pigment. The clay 
is molded and then baked in a conventional home oven to produce a hard, durable 
finished product."

All about beading! Beadage

"Polymer clay is a relatively new medium for arts and crafts. Polymer clay is essentially 
PVC, polyvinyl chloride. It is plastic, but until it is cured, it is a very malleable plastic. It 
can be shaped and reshaped a multitude of times without deterioration."


My First Impression On Using And Curing The Clay

Baking Makin's Clay In The Convection Oven

Keeping Makin's Clay In Air Tight Container

Cutting Makin's Cane With Steel Blade, 
Palette Knife And PVC Floppy Disk Shutter 

Heat Gun Test On Makin's Clay

 Microwaving Bread Buns And Chinese Cup
 Cakes Made From Makin's Clay

Mixing Makin's Clay With Different Types Of 
Polymer Clay And The Water Test

Baking And Torching Pastries Made 
With Makin's Clay

More Test On Shrinking And Warping
Of Makin's Clay

The Effect Of Using Different Types Of Tool 
And Roller On Makin's Clay


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