Cutting Makin's Cane With Steel Blade, 
Palette Knife And PVC Floppy Disk Shutter 

Rolling and cutting the makin's cane

As you roll and cut the dried outer layer of Makin's 
clay causes the above cutting pattern

Slicing the cane with a blade

After Slicing the pattern is distorted

While slicing the clay will ofen get stuck onto the blade 

Another test on rolling and cutting the cane

The result of rolling and cutting the cane

The cane pattern is distorted due the softness of the clay

Cutting it with PVC floppy disk shutter

Using credit card, thin PVC or acrylic card is the best cutting tool

My First Impression On Using And Curing The Clay

Baking Makin's Clay In The Convection Oven

Keeping Makin's Clay In Air Tight Container

Heat Gun Test On Makin's Clay

 Microwaving Bread Buns And Chinese Cup
 Cakes Made From Makin's Clay

Mixing Makin's Clay With Different Types Of 
Polymer Clay And The Water Test

Baking And Torching Pastries Made 
With Makin's Clay

More Test On Shrinking and Warping
Of Makin's Clay

The Effect Of Using Different Types Of Tool 
And Roller On Makin's Clay

Water Test On Cured Makin's Clay

What Is Polymer Clay?


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