Jumping Clay

This is a test to show that air dry clay are not  " self dry polymer clay ", " air dry polymer clay ",  
" air dry polymer clay cane ", " no bake polymer clay ", ...... It is not Polymer Clay, due to the different 
chemical composition. Many a time, Air Dry Clay products is call " no bake polymer clay " or " self dry
polymer clay " through their sale promotion, misleading the consumer is wrong, there is no 
Air Dry Polymer Clay.

Testing Jumping Clay with a 50g pack

When opening the pack of clay, it looks sticky, it's a alcohol base clay

Extremely soft, at time sticky, it will be quite difficult to form shapes, unless
the kid is already skilled in clay creation. Rolling balls is easy.

Forming shape and support can be difficult, example above, Dog

Through the process of drying the Jumping Clay Dog, it  just collapsed,
testing the beads by throwing onto the table top it will bounced with
cured or uncured clay

Twenty four hours curing is still not enough to cure or dry the Jumping clay

The core of the bead is still wet as shown in the above after twenty four hours

For Jumping Clay to dry inside out (as above), you need about  72 hours 
of curing time (exposure to the air) and that also depend on the size
 of your project.

Water Test With Jumping Clay

Intial step: soaking the 72 hours dried Jumping Clay creations into the water

After half an hour

After 1.5 hours

After 10 hours

After 14 hours

3 Days Water Test With Polymer Clay

Baked Sculpey BakeShop polymer clay in water

Baked Sculpey Pluffy polymer clay in water, light and it float

Unbaked Sculpey Pluffy polymer clay in water, for 3 days

Polymer clays are non-tonic, durable man-made, oven bake art modeling 
clay. The medium can be combined with other materials, such as wood, plaster, 
metal, paper, foils, etc, to enhance creativity in many art projects. The texture is 
similar to ceramic clay, but it will not dry out when exposed to air. Therefore, 
you can create fine detail and unlimited possiblities into your clay creations.

Finally, all the effort put into making the clay pieces by Children or Adult 
must be durable as momentos or gifts that can last for a long period of 
time, 30 years and more.

Water Test On Cured Air Dry Makin's Clay

What Is Polymer Clay?

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