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The architectual, interior and commercial design of Singapore artist and designer Garie Sims. Also featuring Garie's polymer clay sculpture, illustration, cartooning and animation art work.
Unique and comical miniature clay creations by Garie Sim. The World's Smallest Teddy Bear, smallest snow globe, smallest magnetic figures and Film Spool Art chess sets

Creative clay modeling and drawing classes for children in Singapore being offered by Garie Sim.

Singapore artist and designer express his art works in multi medium.

Using Polymer Clay to create school projects, learning a life skill in arts and creativity, to develop their fine motorskills and improve hand and eye coordination




Introducing new Sculpey® Bake Shop Oven-Bake Clay!

Bake Shop oven-bake clay is a soft and easy to condition product that is perfect for kids! The 12 top-selling colors can be blended together for endless creativity. This clay does not dry out and is kid friendly; it contains no common allergens, is lead and phthalate-free and imade with AP-approved materials.

Available in 12 bright colors and a 12 color value pack, 14 ounces of clay plus a BONUS modeling tool!


Available in 2-oz packs and 12 piece sampler+ bonus modeling tool.














All 2oz. pack is price at Sin $2.35


CDU Assorted Basic Colors CDU Assorted Primary Colors BACDUVB BACDUVA Each Corrugated Display Unit contains six different colors of Bake Shop 2 oz clay, totaling 60 packages of clay in each unit! This is a great item that allows for clay merchandising outside of the clay aisle for key selling periods. Also CDUs offer an easy way to add new products without making planogram changes.

Purchasing each unit with 60 packages of 2ozs. is Sin $130/-

Purchasing both units with 120 packages of 2 ozs is Sin $260/-


This economical variety pack is a great way to experiment with several different clay colors. This product makes the perfect gift! The variety pack includes all 12 Bake Shop clay colors and double the amount of commonly used black and white. It also comes with a bonus modeling tool to shape and sculpt cool clay creations!

Variety pack is price at Sin $18.00

Note: Bake Shop Clay is very soft and easy to use, don't need conditioning, pinch the clay from the pack and shape your stuffs. After baking within 140ºC for 30 minutes, it is flexible at a thickness of 2.5 mm, it is a much stronger clay than Sculpey 3. tested on 21 July 2009. Garie Sim


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