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Material For Molding and Casting Original Into Resin

Global Silicon Compound RTV 5-1 A+B(1.0 KG pack),


Mixing ratio 100 g
Silicon rubber : 40 g Hardener
Pot Life - 40 min.
Curing time - 8 hours

Technical Data RTV-25

Also Available

Global Silicon RTV-10 A/B
5.5kg $1200.00

Technical Data RTV-10

Global Silicon RTV-41 A/B
1.1kg $260.00

Technical Data RTV-41

Global Silicon RTV-66 A/B

1.1kg $280.00

Technical Data RTV-66

RTV 25 Test

RTV 66 Test

The Silicon Mold

High Tempreture Silicone Rubber

A cold cure liquid rubber for casting non stick rubber moulds.
It has high elasticity and can be be stretched without breaking.
It reproduces a true likeness to the original to the finest detail.
Suitable for the production of small moulds including opencast
and two parts for the reproduction of cast pieces in polyester
resins, epoxy resins or polyurethane resins like Sintafoam;
in plaster or marmorina. The rubber is resistant up to 200C
allowing wax casting. Quantity: 1Kg

$180.00 per 1kg

A Plus B, PU Resin Globalcast-57_2(2 Kg Pack)
$ 138.00

Technical Data GlobalCast

 Pot life 52-3 (time of pouring resin into mold) 3 minutes
Curing time (time for resin to harden) 30 to 60 minutes
Pot life 54-10 (time of pouring resin into mold) 10 minutes
Curing time (time for resin to harden) 2 to 3 hrs.
Technical Data GC-54

Clear Cast

Global Cast 932 A- 0.5 kg
Global Cast 932 B- 0.25 kg

$ 250.00 1.5 kg

Technical Data GC - 932

Cast Size: 1 3/4 inches x 1 1/3 inches

Resin Cast Models


Commercial Hobby

More Casting

Painted Model

PB766334 $50.00
PB766336 $90.00

PB766309 (100 g) $45.00
PB766329 (300 g) $95.00

Actual Cast

Siligum Chocolate Mold by Chinee

Chocolate Guns by Chinee

Resin Plaster cast

Example and usage of Siligum

Tamiya Clear Epoxy Resin (150g)
Item No 87136 $38.50
Usage Of The Silicon Rubber And PU Resin
You can add dry pigment, Glow in Dark Powder, Mica Powder, etc. for special effects to Pu resin.
As for Silicon Rubber, basically it is a self release molding material, you can also use Vaseline or spray release if you are afraid it will damage the master.
Reproduction of Sculpture, Hobby, Art, Jewelry,
Industrial, Craft Item, Toys, Souvenirs, prototype,
Plaques, Dioramas.......

This link was set up to assist budding artist and
students to cast their creative works and
commercialize it.

Create crafts , arts for school projects, events,
pushcart, post production, etc.

Discover The Possiblities!


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