Mixing Transparent Enamel Paints With 
Fimo Decor Gel

By Artist Garie Sim

Enamel Thinners Plus Fimo Deko Gel

Testing Tamiya Enamel Paint Thinners with Fimo Deko Gel

The Mixtures of the Thinner and Gel

Using up the excess Deko Gel by pouring the mixture into 
the Gel bottle

The result after baking the sample mixtures in the oven at 
140º C in the convection for 20 minutes

Enamel Paints Plus Fimo Deko Gel

Generally, you can mix water base acrylic paints with Fimo 
Deko Gel,you can also use transparent enamel as above.

If you baked the Fimo Deko Gel at 140º C the result is clear

Mixing the enamel paints will have a different result

The above mixtures is no longer transparent but translucent,
surfaces is slighrtly textured, matt finish


Here are examples of what you can do with the Mixtures
using clear Enamel paints and Arcylic water base paints

Fravourite food for the Martian

Green Is The Medium Of Life

Melting Into Extinction


By Garie Sim

November 2011

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