Dear Friends And Clayers
My website is fourteen years old now, having started in 1998. The information, tutorials, tests, experiments, clay tips and others are free. It was created to share my knowledge with my students and those who are interested in clay creations. It is also a testament of my passion for Polymer Clay Art, the fun in playing and learning a clay skill and the exciting journey in discovering one’s talent for art.

Whether you are young or old, you will benefit from learning the clay skills. It cultivates your mind besides making you adept in using your hands for artistic creations. What you have learned from this site are my knowledge of the clay medium that will inform the right techniques of the art, teach the proper and basic ways of handling clay, the right techniques and make comparisons on different polymer clay and baking temperatures for your clay arts. Learning clay art is a wonderful language understood by everyone on this earth. It is through this language that we are able to share and communicate, making friends around the world, irrespective of their cultures. Thanks to the World Wide Web!

Now that my white hairs are in fashion and continuing to receive high marks as we aged, I will always be a Mad......Mad......... Mad Scientist testing and experimenting with polymer clay, from able..........until..........I'm disabled.

I hope to continue running my information for a long, long time on Earth.

If you are happy and have benefited from my tests and experiments, please DONATE generously, so that I will be able to continue to maintain and update the site with more information.

Your kind and generous donation in any amount is greatly appreciated.

All the Donation receive, will goes to my daughter Jo-lin ( Music and Art Teacher ) for the maintenance and sharing of the Knowledge of Clay Art.

From The Clay Hands Appreciating Your Kindness

Garie Sim 15th Nov. 2011

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