PIRATE VIRTUS CORPORATION STRIKE AGAIN!!! Hello Garie, My name is Frederick Durst. I TOO HAVE BEEN VIOLATED BY VIRTUS CORP. After experiencing problems with my software, I was advised to return the software package (and my files that were problematic) to Virtus for replacement. I was advised that I would receive new software but instead all I received was an updater disk that when installed corrupted my entire Virtus Program and rendered the Serial Number unuseable. Virtus then said they would issue a new number to correct the problem. I have not received such and now after 2 years I have not been refunded or had software replaced. After having my files for only two months I found out that Virtus marketing had used my files as they did yours except on 3dvillage and had also incorporated my library objects (74 files) into their public library offerings. I had all registered but now my patent attorney is frustrated that I cannot open the original files with creation dates and that I only have old color prints of most of the work. To this day I have been unsuccessful in obtaining a copy of the Mac Version Software on floppies so that I can retrieve and view the files and finished preparing my lawsuit. Do you have available or know of an available program copy for system 7.5 PPC on floppies? Any help would be Greatly Appreciated!! Sincerely, Fred Durst Fri, 23 Feb 2001 10:51:44 -0500 Personal Note: What is the use of raiding ASIA and other countries, for piracy, when the Bigger Pirate are within your own domain? Garie Sim Yo! Ho! Ho! Back Home | Email