Compliments From The Continent 2012


 06-Aug-2011, at 1:56 AM, mellowvision wrote:


I've been reading your site, and focusing on the pages where you discuss Sculpey for aquatic use. I found the water tests useful, but haven't really seen that you make a specific recommendation for which sculpey product to use in water. I am interested in using sculpey to create rock walls, and would love your thoughts on which sculpey to use. For my application, the final baked material would be brown, non-shiny and have a surface texture similar to terra cotta. 

Which sculpey would you recommend?


Bill Brissette


From: Myra VanInwegen
Subject: Thanks!
October 31, 2011
To: Sim Garie <>

Hi Garie,

I enjoyed reading your polymer clay pages, and I especially enjoyed looking
at the little sea creatures you've made using polymer clay!


From: Sana A. Bham
Subject: Really Like Your Site
November 2, 2011
To: Sim Garie <>

Hi Garie! Recently I was having trouble conditioning my clay until I came across your site. It helped me wonderfully, and thank you for that. I was wondering if you have newsletters with which I can subscribe to from your site. I would love to receive information from you regularly.

Thank You
New to Polymer Clay


17-Dec-2011, at 5:56 AM, James Peacock wrote:

Thanks for your web site ­ and information.  I have recently discovered  the existence of Fimo Liquid Deko Gel.  Looked at some of the translucent and transparent test that you and others have taken your time performing.  This Gel looks like just the thing that I need in some upcoming projects.  I wanted to create some tiny paintings from Polymer Clay.  The finished product will be about 1 ? inches by 3 inches.  I want to mix one of the mica powders with the liquid clay for the project.  Your article really helped me decide that, Yes!, this is the way to go. 
Thank you so much.  You are probably too far away from me (I live in Asheville, North Carolina, USA), but if you were closer, I can truly say that you would have a life-long customer. 
Again, Thanks Very much. 
James Peacock


Dockter, Nancy E
Subject: thank you for strengthen tests
January 10, 2012
To: Sim Garie <>

Nancy Dockter, MPH
Diversity Process Coordinator
Center for Diversity Affairs
University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences


14-Jan-2012, at 9:12 PM, kris gonza wrote:

Hi there; 
I would like to thank you for your time and effort to post the best comparison on polymer clay on the market. 
KUDO's to you - great work!

I have a question. 
is there a change as of now with the winner being cernit?  I'm going to buy some and have decided on cernit but was wondering if anything has changed or if maybe there is another contender?

Thank you in advance. 


On 06-Mar-2012, at 6:58 AM, irene bern wrote:

Hello Garie.
I bought a paint thinner,smells like ammonia to me,very strong odor.I folowed up your tutorial-perforated a piece of conditioned polymer clay,soaked it for 6 hours in a paint thinner(i had a glass can with a metal lid,like the one that you buy jam in the store).After 6 hours the clay pieces did not dissolve,after a week the whole thing became like milky  water. Is this the condition I am suppose to have?Then whats the next step?Should I add Liquid Clay to this "water"?I am trying to make a cake like you made with baking powder...
Thank you for your help.
Irene B

Subject: Re: Question about polymer clay paint
Date: Tue, 6 Mar 2012 08:49:47 +0800
To: evagirl12

Hi, You probably bought the wrong thinners, it should not smell like ammonia, its a oil base thinner it will dissolved thin plastic and distort plastic and lacquer surface, it should dissolved vinyl paint .
Hope you can find the right thinner.


From: irene bern <evagirl12
Subject: Question about polymer clay paint
March 9, 2012
To: Sim Garie <>

Oh,I bought another brand in a craft store here,odorless,oil based.YOU RULE!!! It worked!
Now that the clay is dissolved,why do I have to add liquid clay to it if its already liquid?Can I just add the baking powder?(I followed your instructions with the TLS and added it to the clay paint)I tried baking powder-the baked shape crumbled! I tried baking soda-same resault.What am I doing wrong here?
Thank you again for your help.

30-Mar-2012, at 3:48 AM, Susan Kelley wrote: Help!!!!!!

Hi Garie.....You have a fab. web page..  the color chart is amazing and I plan to use it a lot...that is if I can find out what is the proper clay to do miniature (dollhouse)desserts, cakes and maybe food later......I have been at the computer for 3 day looking for info. on the right clay.....Yesterday I went to a craft store and bought Sculpey 111 and now I feel that was a mistake....It might be too soft.....I would also love to cane some fruits....  If you can guide me in the right direction I would love to place an order.....I just need some HELP !!!!!  Thanks a ton,  Susan


26-May-2012, at 2:33 AM, Melody O'Beau wrote:

Hi Garie, I just wanted to thank you for your helpful directions on cleaning paintbrushes that were used with TLS. That baby oil flowed by dish detergent sure works. I recently shared your info on getting it out of carpet, too. 

I also want to thank you for all the various information and photos you've shared about PC and working with young students. Several weeks ago I  delivered a large gift  "CARE package" to the arts and crafts teacher at our local boys and girls after school shelter and activity center. It contained many packages of a brand of PC I no longer use. I gave the teacher the links to your website so that the children could see what YOUR students make with PC and be inspired to be creative, themselves. Your influence continues to teach others halfway around the world!

Best Wishes,
Anita in AZ, USA

    Melody O'Beau Designs
         Cottonwood, AZ


29-May-2012, at 12:53 PM, Clinton Crowley wrote:

Garie, if there was a PhD in Polymer Clays, it should be awarded to you!

I saw your page while looking for a way to soften my 4-year-old
Sculpey III. One of those companies should hire you to work in R&D.


Clinton Crowley
Fort Worth, Texas




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