After establishing the website for Garie's Clay Creations back in 1998, I have been receiving lots of complimentary remarks and comments. They are from many professional craftsmen , artists , fans and many others all over the world. I appreciates their kind comments, it is also the source of inspiration and encouragement to excel further into my clay creations. I have visited many website of other artists and crafters, enjoying, appreciating their outstanding fine arts and craft works through the internet. The internet have made the world a smaller place and will always be a good way of exchanging ideas, interacting with one another from different part of the world. In 1999, I had collected many emails and decided to publish all the kind comments, but was inexperience in creating webpages. With determination, self motivation, trial, error, I was able to learn how to create web pages, animation, design and update my site. At Last, I was able to publish some of them, as many of the emails were lost when my computer harddisk crashed in 2000. Starting from the following email below, I wish to THANKS all of them for taking their time, sending me their kind comments. If you wish to give me any comment, I will be happy to publish it on this page. Just sent me an email.



Subject: FABULOUS! Date: Fri, 19 Jan 2001 10:03:35 -0600 From: Kenneth E Brown To: Hello there! My name is Kimberly and just like many others, I have an incredible weakness and love for miniatures. I just had to send you a note to let you know that I think your creations are remarkable. I enjoyed every single minute that it took to browse through your site. The only problem I have is deciding what to order first. I want them all!! I love to collect but I also love to craft as well. I cannot even begin to figure out your ability to create such tiny things. I guess that's part of the fun isn't it? I cannot wait to tell my friends and family about you so keep up the wonderful work and have a great day! Kimberly Brown



Subject: Link & such Date: Sun, 28 Jan 2001 23:29:00 -0800 From: Irish Red <> To: Hi Garie, I already have a link to your web page in mine. Can't get over those teddy bears! Yang-yang Juan makes tiny ones, but wow! Anyway...I'd like permission to use one of your images on the links page. Your choice, of course, with proper credit. (My choice would be the bears~) Here's the url: Thanks, Kim "Irish Red" Kennedy ''



Subject: A new fan... Date: Sat, 03 Feb 2001 00:24:13 -0500 (EST) From: Kdisco99 To: Hello! I just stumbled upon your website and I was totally AMAZED!! I usually do not email people off of their sites, but I could not end my fascinating journey at your site without thanking you! You are one of the most talented people I have ever seen! I like to dabble in different areas of art (nothing even remotely grand as your work!!) Recently I have drawn a blank of ideas and have almost given up, even though it is what I love! Now after seeing your site and your sculptures, I am inspired in a way I didn't even know existed!! Thank you so much for putting such beauty and fascination into this world and for giving me hope again! From a tremendous fan, Kara Marx



Subject: oooohhhh i'm jolly impressed! Date: Sun, 11 Feb 2001 14:33:15 +0000 From: tubbsrathaus To: wot a lovely site you've made...i've only dipped into it so far, but it's a wow. i have bought some "newclay" that is moist and air dries, but can be hardened using hardener/oven, so am not too sure if polymer projects are okay for me to not a child incidentally (just act/write like one!) but granny age. sharon, swindon, e



Subject: Re: Hello Jaye! Date: Mon, 19 Feb 2001 15:41:34 -0700 From: Jaye To: References: 1 HI Garie, Happy belated New Year!! Your work is amazing, I know I keep saying that, but it 's true. I'm going to have to get inspired here and start making some of my own minis, it's been too long. Take care, Jaye -- Jaye's Mini Links - Webmaster/Owner ( Links to over 1500 Miniature related sites "The Original Mini Links Site"



Re: Add a link Date: Wed, 28 Feb 2001 19:29:23 -0600 From: Tara B To: Hi Garie - Wow! Now your work is Tiny!!! I apologize for the delay and I have added your URL to the polymer clay websites that I am webmaster for. Thank you for sharing your art with me.. It was a pleasure visiting. The URLS that now have your link are: Polymer Clay Haven And my personal site PolymerJungle Tara



Subject: Congratulations, Your website has been chosen to be included... Date: Fri, 16 Mar 2001 06:08:12 -0800 From: Joni Solis To: Wonderful, delightful, and well done website! Finding your-- website to be of high quality and of a subject matter that visitors of 'A Love for Art' may be interested in I've added your website's listing to my link directory: Regards, Joni Solis



Subject: Clay Creations Date: Wed, 18 Apr 2001 21:31:27 +0800 From: Simone To: HI Garie, I was surfing the internet and came across your website. I think your work is very nice, unique and facinating. My husband currently runs a company that is in the business of organizing Lifestyle Markets and I think that your products will do very well at these events. He is currently marketing a new Project together with the Singapore Tourism Board, would you be interested in participating in this event? Do let me know. Look forward to hearing from you soon. Best regards, Tracy



Subject: No Subject Date: Sun, 12 Aug 2001 22:46:26 -0400 (EDT) From: Grizzly4x4atv To: Wow, That miniature teddybear was amazing!!! I love miniatures and teddy bears and you put my dream miniature together!! It is awesome!! Can I buy any of these miniature teddy bears? Please let me know. Sincerely, Terry Tilbrook grizzly4x4atv



Subject: Your website Date: Tue, 14 Aug 2001 09:25:48 -0400 From: Vincent Rhea To: I really enjoyed your artwork. Truly something for everyone! Thought provoking, humorous, disturbing, hopeful, reality and fantasy all in one. I can see your art touches every part of your life. I'll be back to check it out some more. Thanks for posting the URL to the rec.crafts. polymer-clay newsgroup. Jeanne P.S. My site is if yuo wish to check it out.



Subject: Re: SkyGrazer Contact Form Date: Fri, 17 Aug 2001 17:01:02 +0000 From: christy.sherman To: () I really enjoyed looking at your website.. (I added a link to it on my site) Your miniatures are amazing and you've given me some interesting ideas of MORE things that I can use with polymer clay. :) Thanks, Christy --



Subject: Date: Fri, 24 Aug 2001 22:59:29 +0200 From: antonella To: My name is Antonella and I live in Italy I've just seen your wonderful idea to recycle descarded globes I'd like to prepare one (or more) of them for next Christmas but I haven't understand how to "cook" the polymer clay: I must prepare the clay before, I must cook after then I paste all together to the globe? Thank you very much for your answer Antonella



Subject: room boxes Date: Wed, 17 Oct 2001 19:14:32 +0100 From: "graham.finch2" To: Loved your web site, it's given me lots of inspiration to try more intricate designs. Thanks Ann



Subject: hello. Date: Sun, 23 Dec 2001 13:48:44 -0500 (EST) From: BEbEbLu12 To: hello Mr. Sim, Your website is very interesting...I was searching all over the internet to find people with the same talent that i have. I have been making miniature animals since as long as i can remember. I was wondering if you can give me any other websites that contain miniature clay creations to inspire me. Your creations have inspired me to make more and more clay animals for my friends and family for holiday gifts. Thank you.



Subject: Ping Pong Balls Date: Tue, 01 Jan 2002 10:59:07 -0600 From: Sharon McKim To: Hello, I am new to clay and found your site. You do gret work. Please tell me how to do ping pong creatures. Do you have to use a certain brand? Do you do anything to the balls? Will they cure ok with the clay? Thank you for any information you can send. Hugs and happy clayin Cuddlebunny



Subject: Great site! Date: Wed, 02 Jan 2002 13:24:09 -0500 From: Kathleen's Marketing Organization: Kathleen's Marketing To: Hi, I just visited your site and I think it's wonderful! What a great idea for your site! I wish I would have found your site before Christmas. I am going to keep you in mind for Valentines Day. Do you have an Affiliate program? Anyway, great site! I am an On Line Marketing Agent working out of my home in Pennsylvania. I have 10 years of Marketing Experience on and off the net. If you need any marketing help just let me know. Happy Holidays. Thanks, Kathleen.



Subject: clay Date: Thu, 03 Jan 2002 04:47:45 +0700 From: May To: Dear Garie: Hello, my name is May from Jakarta. I admire your work and your website, very nice! Need your help, please.... I am currently working on a room box project but getting difficulty finding those miniature accessories as we don't have any miniature shop here, so I am planning to fly to Singapore to buy them, any suggestion where to go? Your help will be greatly appriciated! Thank You Thank You! May



Subject: from Chingiz Date: Wed, 09 Jan 2002 20:30:15 +0400 From: Abassov To: I very much enjoyed seeing your work on website. They are stunning and Your Art is «fabulous» . I am amazed at your art works and Your talent it is outstanding I think that You are Master of your Art. Good luck with your art career! Season's Greetings and our Best Wishes for the Year 2002. Regards Chingiz Abassov Artist



Subject: miniature elephants... Date: Sat, 12 Jan 2002 00:37:42 -0800 From: Jennifer Batton To: Hi Garie! I had a great time looking through your site! My question is regarding the elephants I saw. I collect miniature elephants,and I was wondering if the elephants you created were the same size as the rest of your miniature items. Could you let me know? Also, if you have any other elephant designs, could you send me the pictures and the prices? Thanks bunches!!! ~Jen



Subject: Date: Fri, 18 Jan 2002 15:13:43 -0500 From: Janet.Ziv To: You have beautiful creations... I have been an avid miniature collector for over ten years... I have never seen anything like your small boxes ... so much detail!!!! Do you have a catalogue? Thank you Janet Ziv



Subject: Re: (no subject) Date: Wed, 20 Feb 2002 20:25:22 -0500 (EST) From: Mootzy To: Wow your quite an artist. I am sorry that you had such bad results. The link that I was taken to only allowed me to see your masks and did not allow me to navigate any further therefore I had no idea you had more on your website. much luck to you in your future crafting adventures!! Carol



Subject: your site Date: Thu, 21 Feb 2002 15:34:40 -0500 (EST) From: Sclptr01 To: I just found your site thru a link with the British Polymer Clay Guild. I have been working with polymer clay for about 8 years now and I have never seen such original, fresh and innovative ideas such as yours! You are a real talented, imaginative fellow and I just wanted to say how much I appreciated your work. Could you give me some tips on what to mix the clay with for detail and miniature work so it doesn't "melt" on my fingers when I handle it? I love your tiny figures and although I have no interest in imitating them - I do love details and have trouble with the clay softening too much. Thank you so much for your time By the way, I live in Colorado, U.S.A. my e-mail is scultr01 Again, thanks for your site and imagination!



Subject: Friendly Platic Date: Fri, 01 Mar 2002 19:02:41 -0800 From: chita To: CC: mschita You're art is amazing. I'm trying to find a way to use about 30 pounds of strips that have become brittle. Have you found anyway to use it? I"d hate to throw it out. Thanks, Ms Chita



Date: 04-09-2002 13:54             Great stuff, Gary! Man, are those things dinky! And fun as always... Kathy D and I have been fans of yours ever since we first saw your submarines Keep makin' us happy. littlegnome elvenworker 2nd class


Subject :Your Art Date 5/28/02 1:16AM Your work is absolutely amazing, I'm full of admiration for what you do. Ann, England



Subject: Coelacanth Sculpture Date: 7/5/02 10:56PM From: Dave Boeckel To: First let me say WOW!! Your work is just amazing. I am very interested in buying this sculpture or commisioning another one to be made. Is this possible? Thanks, and again, Wow! Dave


Subject: enjoyment Date: 7/12/02 4:52AM From: Nancie Tonner To: I enjoyed your website. I am an "old" art teacher and have worked with children age two through teens as well as children and adults with disabilities. I have been engaged in training early childhood educators and child care providers for over twenty years. I hope the early childhood field will start to use the web to make the child's creative thinking visible to adults. Your

work is a wonderful start.
Nancie Tonner West
Early Education Specialist
9745 East Hampden Ave. Suite 310
Denver, CO 80231
1-877-867-8458 Toll Free


Subject: hello from jaipur, india Date: 7/30/02 8:07PM From: Ankit and Manisha Patel To: hi garie, i'm manisha patel from jaipur, india. congratulations for your fantastic works... i really enjoyed. i would love to interact with you in future. it seems that you are very sensible & intellectual person. i like your sculpture series very much. the way you interpret your emotions is simply great! my husband is a sculptor & earned a good name in indian contemporary sculpture with his 7 awards including national award. i help him in his works & organise his exhibition, cataloguing, packing, sending sculptures and many more works. if you are planning to visit india, i offer you to organise your exhibition of paintings/scu lptures at a five star hotel, where the space will be sponsored for 7-10 days. i will host you & provide free stay in jaipur. as you know, jaipur is in the west of india & has forts, palaces & museums. rajasthan is a colourful state. i look forward to your reply. best regards manisha patel



Re: Hello from Singapore
Thu, 22 May 2003 16:43:48 -0400
PolymerCAFE <>


Hi Garie,

Thanks for sending your links, I was at a polymer clay retreat last week, or
I would have answered sooner.

Would you like us to put a link on our web page? It isn't very fancy, but
has gotten a good number of hits since we put it up less than a year ago. We
can put your shop link and your art link, I loved your green_medium page,
and so many other things you've done. Your miniatures are really amazing
too, as were so many of the other works on your site.

I liked your special SARS mask! A little humor goes a long way -the SARS
thing is very sad, and as with things here, it sounds like a lot of
overreaction. We had a college in California that has stopped letting
students from China in, and since my mother is Japanese, I worry that people
will be afraid of her if she starts to cough. One of my favorite restaurants
is a Chinese vegetarian place and their business is suffering too.

I would love to see an article from you on polymer clay in Singapore, you
and your family has done a lot of amazing things with it.

Our next deadline is June 6th, and if you want to do a how-to someday, we
would be interested in that also. We haven't had any miniatures articles
yet, but did have some pictures in our gallery, but not as small as your
little bears and monkey and things. How do you find the time? I am working
on an article on time management for the next issue, and any tips you could
offer would be helpful.

I look forward to working with you in the future! Talk to you later, and
best of luck with everything!

Joan Clipp
Editor, PolymerCAFE Magazine



RE: Beatrice photo
3/10/03, 10: 39pm
Dr. Koh Woon Puay

Dear Garie,

These are great pictures! I am so grateful and happy that I found you
to teach Beatrice drawing and clay-work. You and your family are such
warm and wonderful people. Besides teaching the art and craft, you are
also imparting to the children important values in life such as giving
and sharing, perseverance and self-confidence. I would like to express
again my appreciation for the love that you and your family have shown
to my children. Your acts of kindness are a great encouragement and
comfort to me.

Best regards,
Woon Puay



Subject: thank you for the clay charts Date: Friday, October 10, 2003 8:13 am From: John naylor To:

hi, I'm generally new to the art of clay sculpting, but It has been an
interest of mine for years. Only recently have I decided to start modeling
figurines, so the whole baking process and clay type is a bit new to me. I
came across your clay baking test charts just a while ago; and it has really
helped me to understand the differences between various brands of clay.

I must say, your descriptions on each brand was more usefull to me for
deciding which type I should use for my hobby than any other comparison list
I have read.

Thank you for sharing your experiance with beginner modelers, I'm sure it
has been a big help to many people! :)



Subject: WOW Date: Friday, 15/10/03, 3:25pm From: Nir ( To: hi, I just wanted to say that your stamp bears are the most amazing things I've ever seen, so small and accurate... Simply amazing... :-) Yours Nir



Subject: Message from France Date: Fri, 26 Mar 2004 18:26:08 +0100 From: Helene Duthilleul Organization: M.S.F To: Hello Garie, It 's the first time I visit your web site and I have to tell you how much I've enjoyed visiting it ! You're such a good artist, really I've never seen it before ! I'm also a polymer clay artist and I think that I've visited most of the web sites about polymer clay and I'm really astonished by your talent. Congratulations !!!! Kind regards, Hélène DUTHILLEUL From Paris , France



From: Edie
Date: Thu, 16 Sep 2004 17:58:54 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: your beautiful website

I stumbled across your beautiful website and found it also very interesting and with such beautiful talent you have. Continue and may God bless. Edie PS I would also like to know the name of the wonderful music on your website.



From: Jodie Cox
Date: Sun, 31 Oct 2004 20:44:27 +1100
Subject: Inspirational site

I just wanted to thank you for such a great site, I run Vacation Care programs for up to 170 children a day in Australia and I am always l ooking for inspiration for my program, I think I've just found heaps !!! Your work is very interesting and the end result is something worthwhile for the kids to keep. Your contribution to the world of arts and crafts for kids goes far beyond most of the sites I've found. Keep up the great work, you are very talented.

Jodie Cox


From: Lynette Tenore
Date: Fri, 24 Dec 2004 20:43:43 -0600
Subject: Your Site

Hi Garie - I just came across your wonderful site while looking for polymer clay inspiration. Love your sense of humor (with your dogs) and your clay work is so much fun! Just great! Lynette


From: electron_forge
Date: Fri, 07 Jan 2005 01:09:55 +0000
Subject: [MSATClayArt] Garie you rock! Was Re: Looking for the person


Just wanted to say your site rocks! Love all the unique creations
you have made. I spent hours and I think I saw EVERY page on your
site. The volcano is awesome, don't know what the active ingredient
is here in the states but I will find it. My son wants entire armys
of scuba divers. I really got a kick out of the tank explosions
with the disposable camera too. Your kids do some amazing work.
Great to see you inspiring new artists and showing creative thinking
to a younger generation.

Love your work,

Electron Forge



From: Kimmy
Date: Wed, 06 Apr 2005 00:06:43 -0400
Subject: Your Virtual Design

Just a memo telling you how cool I thought your design was. I love Japanese theme and design. I am currently in a Residential Planning course, and hope to design furniture someday. I think learning the computer end of it will prove to be the most challenging! Thanks for sharing!


Kim Speaker


Subject: Great divers!
Date: Thu, 07 Jul 2005 12:20:41 -0600
From: what! <whatamiiidoing>

I did a search and found your site. Thanks so much. Nice job. I too loved Sea Hunt and once use to dive. Your divers look like so much fun!!!



From: groomingonthego
Date: Fri Oct 7, 2005 06:02:14 Asia/Singapore
Subject: your polymer clay web site

Hello! I really enjoyed your web site, it is very informative and fun to read. I am very new to the whole polymer clay thing in general and am trying to learn all I can. I am wanting to make a couple of decorations for my aquarium and maybe even try to make one of the scuba divers I saw on your site, which by the way is sooo cute! Any ways, can you pls give me your opinion of which clay would be best for being submerged in a aquarium? I have a hobby lobby near me and I believe they carry Femo and Sculpty. Also, I was thinking of making a couple of rocks for the aquarium too, and I know some of the polymer clay is made to look like rock (i think its called grannix?). Is this type of clay okay to be submerged too? Thank you for any advice you can share :) Stacey From: (Minnie_TX) Date: Sun Oct 9, 2005 08:10:06 Asia/Singapore To: (simgarie) Subject: Antvironment Reply-To: (Minnie_TX) [This is a follow-up to your posting on That Home Site!'s Clay and Ceramics Forum, located at: ] _______________________________ (PLEASE NOTE: The member responding to your post has chosen not to reveal his or her email address. Therefore, you cannot reply to this message via email.) that was interesting. The Clay artists of today sure are clever.!! Minnie_TX _______________________________


From: lunytune@
Subject: RE: Luny, Thank you for your kind comments!
02 Nov 2005 PM 04:27:00
Reply-To: lunytune@

Alexandra age 7, will stop crying when I show her your comment, she's
is a very
creative kid, learning clay for more than a year. Every time when she had
to do the
difficult part of her clay project, she would cry.<<<


You are very welcome Sim ... I was sincerely amazed at the work these
fine young people have done. To be talented at such a young age is such a
wonderful gift and each one of them have achieved so much with their young
minds and skillful hands.
It must give you great pleasure to see your students creating so many
wondrous things.
Just by seeing their work, it is very clear to me that you are a
dedicated and loving teacher. It is very hard to get a young child to sit
still for very long, much less creating and completing such works of art
that your students have. They should be very proud of their accomplishments
because they have studied long and hard and deserve all the praise they
receive. I think they are all outstanding.
Tell Alexandra she can dry her tears ...she has met difficulty and has
overcome it ... now she will know that she can do it again.
They are all brilliant, creative and beautiful young artists ... I feel
humbled by their work

Hugs, Luny

From: helanpereira
Subject: Your work with kids
30 Dec 2005 PM 12:02:23

Hi Garie I am not sure whther you remember me but I met you last year at Chinese New Year at your house through Preethi ( Mrs Nair) whose kids, come to your classes. I was so amazed by the work you did and still have the piece that you created for me. Anyway, now I'm back in Australia, I have told two of my friends about what you do and who are very interested in what you do.. I do remember that you said that you can train people to do this. If this is so, can you please let me know how much time would my f riend would need to spend with you and how much it would cost. We have had a look at you website as well. Any information that you can provide about this is appreciated. I look forward to your reply. Many thanks Helan Pereira From: Lestyn Gilmore Date: Sat Dec 31, 2005 00:13:21 Asia/Singapore To: Subject: re; your work Hi,   What beautiful work you do.  I've only started with Polymer clay, but can't find too much time to work on it.  I was searching the web and came to your site.   Keep up the good work.    Lestyn Gilmore From: Adele Madder Date:Tue, 14 Mar 2006 23:24:53 +1100 To: Subject : The toilet Hi Garie,    Just found  your toilet in asnow dome, with floating ghosts.   I would like to give it a try oen day, as I really laughed at the end, when I found the ghosts float around the toilet.  Well done,  Love it.   God bless,  Luv   Addle (Down Under) From: Subject: Re: New Artivity with polymer clay Date: 14 Apr 2006 AM 02:01:15 To: Here's my new link, Polymer clay artivity with my young students at play clay workshop Singapore Garie, you are just too EXCITING!!  <g> <g> I just love all the new things (...and I'll be busy for a week adding them to GlassAttic... hope you never change the URLs so the links break!) I've been working on responding to the two previous things you sent, which I'm equally excited about (. . . I even gave the "antvironment" as a monthly polymer "exploration" at my guild meeting --but unfortunately hardly anyone ever does the explorations; they do want me to continue and like my ideas, but just not motivated to actually do most of them ...frustrating). It took me a while to completely understand what you were doing with the various antvironments... and by the time I had them mostly figured out, Life at Home hit in various ways and things started to pile up and up.  I'm almost finished though, and will be sending you the e-mail plus a few questions, etc., including some about the water-fill insulation for the plastic bottles in the oven. I really wish I could be in your part of the world to see all your kids in action, and all the great things you're doing, in person!!  Not too many people over here have the same orientation you do with clay at all, and I really miss that.



Diane B.
--- polymer clay "encyclopedia"


From: rickiebeth@ Subject: [MiniScenesAndThingsMiniClayCreations] Hi. From Near San Francisco,,,Re: Hi from Singapore! Date: 06 May 2006 PM 06:58:57


I spent 5 minutes trying to think of some cool way to let you know
that I really value knowing you. I think that simple words are best in
this case. Simple, not complex. ..'THANK YOU" and remember that you
have a friend in the USA should you ever get a chance to visit. I am
near San Francisco, California....about 1 hour away. In the more rural
area of this beautiful state.

You are so much fun to know!! Always a smile and wonderful ideas. A
great teacher!!

I feel that we are a very special group in many ways....starting with
the person with the longest membership here: their positive energy and
joyful spirit all the way to the newest member, you...with all the
excellent qualities you have. I really do feel as if each day is
better than the previous day. My clay art seems to flow from my
fingertips as never before because of the inspiration I find here.

I cannot wait to make some bread with your recipe!!! Cake,
brownies, .......the recipe is amazing. Now all I need is a knife
rack/holder for my polymer clay knife from your lesson and I will be

,,Rickie Beth
Polymer Clay Your Way



From: lifeisgoodcc
Subject: Lovely work
28 May 2006 PM 09:58:49

I just wanted to say how much I love your creations.  Are any for sale?



From: jonesy
Subject: Re: pipe cleaner animals
08 Jun 2006 AM 09:39:31


Hello Garie I live in Australia. So far I have not seen a book devoted to pipe cleaners on sale here (yes I have looked) and I feel sure there would be a market for them providing you keep it simple and not too expensive. Maybe a beginners book followed by a advanced book. The beginners book could be simple projects with limited colour pictures but the advanced book a bit more detailed. A friend sent me your web address as I had seen small bears made by some people in England and I wanted to have a go at it. These bears did not have polymer clay on them. Do you sell your creations? Do you sell them overseas or only in Singapore? Can you direct me to any other web sites that have pipe cleaner creations. They are fantastic. Hoping to hear from you. Marjanna Jones From: theo629 Subject: Wow!!! Date: 03 Aug 2006 AM 09:24:57 To: Hey! Awesome pokemon made from clay! *thumbs up* You rock. You must have alot of time on your hands. How do you do it and how long does it take? From: kellybelfiore Subject: Purchasing miniatures Date: 12 Aug 2006 PM 12:46:31 To: Hello, I was wondering if you could give me a price quote on a few figures I have seen on your site. I am very interested in purchasing the following: "Kissing magnetic pigs" "Tiny teddy 2.0mm (preferably made in solid brown)" "Creamy the tiny cow" I like the way the smaller of the two cows look on the website. I live in Pennsylvania, USA. Also what type of money orders do you accept? I don't feel comfortable sending cash through the mail. Please let me know at your convenience, I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you, Kelly




20 Oct 2006 PM 11:46:05


I really admire your work on "Clay art as therapy". I used it and it really worked for me.





Subject: Making Pipe Cleaner Monkeys and Bears-Question?
03 Sep 2006 AM 09:44:49

Hi Garie, I am a long time fan of yours and especially your web site and all the mini creations you make.   I primarily an emailing you about the mini bears and monkeys you create using pipe cleaners. I am curious on how it is you get the clay to stick to the pipe cleaner for baking or do you prebake the tummy, face, hands and feet and then apply? You tutorial looks good accept for that part of it. I cant get the clay to stick. Does it only work with a certain type of pipe cleaners? I have the straight chenille ones and other than being not as fluffy as yours I was still able to create a form that looked like a bear or a monkey. I made a monkey but I had quite a time creating the hands and feet as well as getting the clay to stick so I used a little bit of TLC. I am going to bake it now so I will let you know or send you a pic of how mine comes out.   They are soooo cute I just have to have me one to sit up here on my monitor and stare me down LOL.   ~hugs~ Andrea   "A Little Imagination & a Tiny Bit of Cre8tivity"  Andrea Renee Lovingly referred to by friends and fans as Cre8 Cre8tive Cre8tions (Cre8tive_Babe) North Miami Beach, Florida USA Coming Soon!    


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