Conceptual Design and Space Planning

Apartment 1

Plain postform laminated doors for kitchen cabinet, makes it easy to keep the kitchen neat and clean. Bold colours and strong graphics like the porthole doors keep the finishing simple, and durable in design, which will be a good factor for cost saving, if you do not renovate the home very often.

Drawers are created under the bed to provide extra storage space, bold mural of your favourite hero creates interesting feature wall, cheerful interior are accentuate by the complimentary vinly floor inlay graphic patterns.

The space created for the Boy's room are functional and fully utilize, 
each gets their own study table, though they'll have to share the 
computer. Overhead shelf provides display for their toys and 
collections, this makes the room tidy and organise.

All the appliances are centralised into one cabinet to avoid 
messy wirings and unsightly pipings, ventilation are 
adequately provided by two aluminium louvre ventilators, 
service for the appliances are easily accessible.

The position of the washing machine and sink are all 
position nearer to the bathroom for easy installation 
of pumbling, shelves and hanger are provided as 
functional items to tidy the kitchen.

Full Layout For The Whole Apartment

Boy's Room And Kitchen Area

Original Layout


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