I am a researcher working on a show about underwater habitats for
National Geographic Channel. I am at the last stages of the program,
but just saw some pictures on your website that I am interested in
getting high resolution versions of, and permission to use. Please let
me know if this is possible, and if so, if we can receive this
digitally by tomorrow. You can email the pictures or upload them to
our server, which I can provide the info for. If so, I will email the
release tomorrow as well.

Thank you so much,

Holly Hedd
Arcadia Entertainment

9th Feb. 2005


Yes, we received it, thanks. The series just started to air on
national geographic, but this episode won't air yet, since we don't
deliver it until this week. You should keep looking on the national
geographic channel website for Marine Machines, the seabase episode.
It airs on History Channel as well, and you can find that on their


15th Feb. 2005


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