The undersea habitat 2030:Apartment dining






A virtual design apartment under the sea in the year 2030, technology and materials will be very advanced in many areas. Apartment habitation will be a comfortable, but , small, cozy environment. Some of the current modern furniture will eventually becomes classical contemporary antiques, if they are madeof wood. After all, if you are staying in an enclosed environment the interior should be warm and cozy making you feel at home. Everything will be available at your finger tips, such as ordering your favorite food for dinner. Select a color screen button on the table, the food will be delivered from the restaurant below. You will be able to monitor your health and have a medical check up in your room. Living in an underwater habitat will be healthy and less prone to illness, you will have a longer lifespan. There will be also many facilities, you can shop, communicate, listen to music, watch television and your favorite movie in 3D, or just looking at your outdoor aquarium. The apartment will be clean and sanitized, including the air that you breath. Cockroaches and ants won't want to be your tenant. To get rid of the pests, if any, will be eliminated by a micro robot which will control the pest population. You don't have to vacuum your floor. There are mobile vacuum floor sucker conceal below your perforated floor to take care of your daily routine. The bathroom is unusual. As you step into the shower area you will be radiated with filtered ultra-violet rays and other facilities, sanitized and cleansed without getting wet. Old habits died hard, of course, you can have the option of showering with WATER. There will be office space, hospitals, entertainments, restaurants, cafes, pubs, parks, recreation and plenty of other facilities, that will makes you want to stay for a long long time.




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