The undersea habitat 2030: The Aquaticman With Artificial Gill




This is the my vision of the sea Diver it is call AQUATICMAN, they will be the people maintaining the Undersea Habitat and rescue work. One very special feature is that, the Aquaticman do not breath in air mixtures through the aqualung, instead they extract oxygen from the sea water directly by the Gill Filament Mask, just like a fish. The suit is able to automatically adjust and balance the pressure in relation to the sea depth up to a maximum of 40 meters. Sensing trouble beyond this depth, the computer will take control and operate the High Power Hydrogen Thrusters, bringing the diver to the surface. All the control and communication are maintained by a micro computer fitted with the Thermal suit. The thermal suit will maintain a constant temperature keeping the body warm for the diver to work for a longer hours. All the information communication and instructions are viewed on the wide angle face mask. It is a multi- functional computer screen, that allows the diver to zoom in on the repair work with the camera to refer to their technical manual. the Aquaticman can hold an underwater conferencing with the management in the headquarter of the habitat. The head mounted lighting are low energy high intensity parabolicent lamp on the air-tight diving helmet. The Aquaticman can move around underwater quickly with the Aquatic Life Support. Both sides of the life support are fitted with powerful hydrogen thrusters and a dorsal fin engineered from the shark. While the diver is moving, the life support collects oxygen through the Gill Filament Oxygen Extractor. The air supply is soaked and trapped in the sponge cells in the life support pack. The Aquaticman has spare air supply and can use it in a less oxygenated area. It will last about one and a half hours. Stabilizing and streamlining the movement are two side fin fitted on the suit on both sides of the arms. The sea diver always walks like a duck if he does not remove his webfin on land. Inorder to avoid the inconveniences the blade are concealed in the webfin and it is expandable. He can use it whenever is necessary through the computer system.


(Brother Just commercialized the head mounted display call "AIRScouter" in 2011, its great to see my 2002 vision and idea coming through at this technological age.)


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