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Subject: about the underwater city
10 Jan 2006 PM 05:27:53

Hi! I am a Chinese editor of Young Copernicus which is most popular public science magazine for children. More than 400 thousands families subscribe this journal for their children every year. It covers: Physics, chronometer, environment, great project, ocean, wild animals, and more. The style of text cooperate with pictures gained the favorites of young children, and even the parents.

 Now, we are intending to do a feature report on the underwater city.  We are looking forward to your help.

I know your 2030plan ,I'm very interested in that. Could you tell me some more background? Such as why did you design that. Could it be ture? Is it perfect?

 And there are some other things to trouble you.

 First, we want some commentaries about the detail of your design. I think the children will want to know how it work.

Second, about the copyright, we hope to get your permission.

 Could you please help us, and let more Chinese children konw your design.

 We are looking forward to your reply.

The contact information:

 Young Copernicus:  Ms. Jing Lv,  

Tel:        0086029-88350007



Subject: Re: Re: lvjing
23 Jan 2006 PM 04:00:10

Hi,thank you for your reply. The article will published in april.

 You said you want the other issue of our magazine, I will send it to you tomorrow.

I'm afraid there's another difficulty. At first, I thought the underwater city would be built. If it only an assume, I'm afraid it doesn't have so much persuasion. But you are a expert about the undersea city, so you will know some other countries which are designing it. If we put them together, the article will be rich and colorful.

 I'm sorry to trouble you again.



Subject: Young Copernicus
02 Mar 2006 AM 11:36:40

Hi,I'm so sorry that reply you too late. This days are too busy. Please forgive me.

 With your help, the article about the "nuderwater city" has been finished, I think it will be published in 5th issue. I will send you the magazine and a CD-R to you when the 5th issue has been published.

 Thank you very much for your help.

Warm regards,



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