I have often received more than twenty of the conmen's spam email, below is one of the example, .........


Blah! Blah! Blah!.............

Since the death of my father, all my family assets and
bank account has been frozen and seized, at the same
time my mother and brothers were still kept under
house arrest. Please sir, if you can assure me with
utmost trust and confidentiality, we can go ahead and
be helpful to each other.

As I was free from the house arrest, my mother has
secretly sent message across for me to meet the
security company where a sum of $25.8 million Unites
State of America Dollar has been kept for transfer to
any foreign account abroad where it will be secured.
This is as a result of the information that reaches us
through a high-ranking government official to avoid

.....................Blah! Blah! Blah!


Just by adding the sum on the six emails, total to about 500 millions US dollars, if they were to make the contributions to their country, it will save millions of poor people from so much sufferings. I find them to be the most irritating lots, if they have so much money somewhere, they can always approach any of the charitable organization, I'm sure they will be most happy to give them the organization Bank Account Information, do it right with them and donates the twenty percent or more to help the poor, suffering children of the world. My Message Click trasher for more trash Do not waste your time to those who like to try, The waste belongs to the trash, for those who con for cash! Garie Sim Back | Home | Email