Ever use liquid Sculpey for your cakes?

Michele Raffaele


07 May 2006 AM 08:42:52

Hi Garie,
Your tutorial on the little cakes is really great.   Have you ever tried making them with liquid Sculpey that has been tinted with oil paint - I wonder if the baking soda would have the same effect.  If not, I guess I'm going to have to try it.  Thanks for sharing your ideas.


Michele Thanks, It will work with TLS added into Polyclaylic paint plus baking soda, color will be slightly different. Fimo Deko Gel is transparent and Translucent Liquid Sculpey is just translucent. I am not sure about add oil paint into the fomula, but I will test it.



07 May 2006 PM 11:02:08

Hello again Garie,
This morning I mixed some TLS, a few drop of Sculpey Diluent(now known as clay softener) and some yellow oil paint, and threw it in a little round foil cake pan.  The yellow color is quite intense but it still had a cake-like texture - I'll have to throw in a little white next time.  It looks like it didn't rise quite as much as yours, so perhaps I need to either thin the TLS more, or add more baking soda.  I happen to have quite a bit of TLS right now, so I'm trying to skip the step of making the solvent-based polymer clay paint - and I can only stay in our basement so long before my small children are screaming for me.  I also made a small pita bread by mixing some baking soda in a piece of Premo with a few drops of the diluent- when cut it has a pita-like look.  But again, I need to play around with that.
    You've definitely given me some "food" for thought here.  I'd also like to hear about your oil paint test, if you have the time.
Thanks again.


Michele, I am glad you tested my method, I have try using double action baking soda, but the texture is not fine, so just use standard baking soda vary the amount use. Bake the variation until you get the right textures.



10 May 2006 AM 03:06:01

Hi Garie, Here is the final recipe for the TLS cake, and a picture - which is not the greatest - I had to take it quickly.

3 parts TLS
2-3 parts diluent (depends on how much oil paint)
8 parts baking soda.
oil paint for tinting

I baked it at 275 degrees Fahrenheit. Shall I post my results on the list, you certainly have received manyquestions about it.

Thanks again.


Michele, wow, its a success and I am so proud of you, nice picture. I already have your question on my page and I also will put your picture
on that page for others to refer. From now on all the miniature cake will be a very realistic.
Please go ahead and post it on the list.


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