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The Newpaper about learning clay classes able to help the brain 
injured person in mobility.


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From:  simgarie   Aug-26 5:39 pm 
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Learning clay classes able to help the brain injured person in mobility.
The Newpaper Singapore, 2004

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From:  byallison   Aug-26 8:23 pm 
To:  simgarie  (2 of 9)   34457.2 in reply to 34457.1 
Working with clay also helps with Fibremyalgia. I was diagnosed several years ago and at the time was still working as a Postmaster. We had to be able to sort a certain amount of mail in an hour. In the begining of my career I always sorted in the upper scale sometimes even beating it. After the Fibremyalgia I was often right at the minimum and it was getting worse. To unwind in the evening I would pick up a piece of clay and condition it in my hand. All of a sudden I realized that my hand wasn't hurting as much and much of my speed had returned. The doctor was not surprised when I told her my story. I try to make sure I condition clay be hand every day as it makes a big difference.

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From:  simgarie   Aug-26 8:47 pm 
To:  byallison  (3 of 9)   34457.3 in reply to 34457.2 
Hi, Allison,
Thank you for your contribution and I would like to publish it on my website in future, to let everyone access the information.
By the way, clay also helps ADHD, Dyslexic, Autistic and I have taught some of the kids in our clay classes.
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From:  DawnieDee    Aug-27 8:15 pm 
To:  simgarie  (4 of 9)   34457.4 in reply to 34457.1 
thank you for that article.  i am an old member here that has been MIA a llloong time. i was dx'd with ms and just this week dug out some of my pc books.  i miss working with the clay and finally feel back up to it again.
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From:  RiverPoetess   Aug-28 5:00 pm 
To:  simgarie  (5 of 9)   34457.5 in reply to 34457.1 
Great article! I know that clay has kept me both mentally sane and physically more sound for all these years. I have arthritis in my hands and neck and I really believe that the working of clay has kept my hands stronger and more mobile...
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From:  BrooksStudio   4:07 pm 
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Yes, clay is fantastic for therapy!

This is pretty long, so don't feel bad if you don't want to read it all. Just know it works!

Last May I had a right sided stroke. It mostly effected my right hand and leg. My smart occupational therapist, seeing my interest in polymer clay, created a program for me using it for exercises. I rolled little "meatballs", snakes, and all kinds of shapes using just the effected hand. When that was mastered, she had me make small rings of clay from thick snakes, which I had to stretch and pull open with my extended fingers on the inside of the rings. To say I was motivated, would be a gross understatement. I HAD to get my hand working again, so I could not only work with pc again, but my wonderful brushes, as I'm a decorative artist and taught decorative art classes in my studio. Painting was my obsessive love, and has therapeutically helped me fight severe pain and 2 cancers. (I'm sure you have all experienced "losing" yourself for hours in a creative activity, it's the same with painting and polymer clay for me.)

Within 3 weeks, I didn't need any more OT, as I had regained full use of my right hand again. She has now developed a program integrating polymer clay for other patients who need hand therapy, and it's been very successful! The leg weakness was also improved with PT, and after 5 weeks I had full use of that too.

When I'm painting or claying, there is no pain in my world. So folks, if you know someone that needs to escape from pain, or needs hand therapy for some reason, encourage them to join you in some clay or painting fun! You will help them physically, mentally, and introduce them an activity they can enjoy for many years. Your reward will be to see them smile and have a safe harbor from pain and stress. You'll feel pride in their physical improvements. Your friendship will grow and you can't imagine the joy you'll feel as you see your friend improve.

Many hugs,
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From:  simgarie   5:04 pm 
To:  DawnieDee   unread  (7 of 9)   34457.7 in reply to 34457.4 
You are welcome, Thanks for the respond. We are never too old to learn, the more we learn , the better it is for our mind. Keep us occupied and have some creativity with our hands. Age does not matter if you have the basic in clay or have been playing with clay for years, the clay experience is always in you.

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From:  simgarie   5:13 pm 
To:  RiverPoetess unread  (8 of 9)   34457.8 in reply to 34457.5 

Playing with clay is a form of excercise, both for our hand and for our mind. It will keep us mobile by kneading and conditioning the clay. Alert, when you are involve in thinking to create something out of clay.

Thank you!
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From:  simgarie   5:29 pm 
To:  BrooksStudio unread  (9 of 9)   34457.9 in reply to 34457.6 

Thank you very much for your long and wonderful contribution. It is very important to share our experience with all, about creativity in art, be it painting, drawing or claying it help to HEAL. Healing the mind have a positive effect to any sickness and you are the example, adding all the comments in my website will help others into positive thinking in life.
Take Care and try drinking Green Tea!

Many Regards,
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From:  RiverPoetess   6:09 pm 
To:  simgarie  (10 of 10)   34457.10 in reply to 34457.8 
Yep, it has definitely expanded my mind as well...I think it's one of the few things that keeps me sane! LOL
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