Content of the Educational Hobby Kit, assembly type motor and styrene board included in the kit. Special seal is provided in the kit for easy attachment of float to motor. Requires one R6/AA/UM3 battery. Approximately 2hrs. continous running time with Alkaline battery.

Cutting out the basic shape from styrene foam board provided in the kit and spray colored the board.

Spray colored all sides of the cut out Dino styrene foam board.

Create four number of Dino fins, eyes with polymer clay and fixed it to the assembled Dino

Prakash completing the assembly of the submarine motor with the sucker.

Positioning the sucker on to the Dino base and Prakash showing off his handy work.

Provide a battery in the submarine motor and the Dino is swimming in the water.

You can create many types of variation, speed boat, ship, whale, dolphins, submarine, tortoise etc. combining polymer clay to create interesting features, have Glow in the Dark clay for eyes, ship port holes and more. Here, Zheng Ting is playing with his ship. More Submarinr Motor project with boat and Jerald's polymer clay figurine Darren's Submarine Motor with boat projects, "Cool I'm going to try it out in my bathtub, I hope that clay guy will not fall off from the boat ! " EDUCATIONAL AND ROBOTIC CLASSES 2006 HOLIDAY CLASSES FOR WALKING DINOSAURS 2001 Home | Email

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