Bervyn's school shoe project.

"I hope you will also like the smell of my shoe!"

"Pooh! I swear that this will be my last time driving in this shoe."


Nicholas's clay house for the school project.

"Do you think my property worth one million?"

Eden's globe project .

"A gift for my parent, but I get to keep it."

"Do you like to taste my chilli straw crab?"

Isaac's bullet train, helping him to create his dream machine from a aluminium foil box

My gift for teacher's day.

Recycling project, anything to create a submarine

"Don't tell my Daddy that I've recycled his medicine bottle for my submarine."

My roti plata flying train project.

"If you like I can fly you some roti plata."

Jared's curry puff project, "Curry puff play ground"

"Its fun exercising my curry puffs in the play ground!"

Mellissa future home

"This is the home for me, Jared , my dog and my cat............ ..................not forgeting also my fishes."

Justine's frog in the box

"Wait till I put some water in it."

Recycle bottle, Karyn's bottle house

"Sorry there's only room for one"

Kess's moving hearts


Kess Interactive magnetic ant farm project.

Ryn's treasure shark project.


Ryan's submarine project, paper roll, foil and toothpicks.

"Move aside Nemo I am going to dominate the ocean."

The four legged straw robot project.

" I can walk with two legs and kick the enemy with the other two legs."

Sarah's Old Macdonal farm project.

"Old Macdonal have a farm.....................and chick chick here and chick chick there...."

A day in the park project by Sarah

"Come and join me in my park, create a friend with clay and we play in the park."

Pet project with play clay.

Cage to keep the wild animals and reptiles.



Cute Zoo Kee dancing rabbit project.

"My star rabbirina!"

Hannah's clay picture tile project

"How do you like my clay picture"

Sandra's piggy bank project.

"My Piggy bank only accept one dollar coin."

Proud Amanda's swinging baby on the tree branch.

"I going to make more friends to look after the baby."

Akanksha clay picture on tile project.

"Akanksha should not painted the sun, boy.... walking in the desert is really hot."

Akanksha successfully created polymer clay Ganesha

Ganesha: Lord of Success a gift for Aunty

Casandra Miniature Mushroom House Project, polymer clay on wooden Base

Miniature Mushroom House Project, design for more projects and connections


More School Projects


CamTank For The School Project


Student Winning Award For Creative School Project


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