Play Clay Students Accepted By
School Of The Arts Singapore

From: angelachong
Subject: FW: Mel's letter for SOTA
08 Aug 2010 AM 11:29:05

Dear Garie,
             Bringing good news here to u, Melody is accepted by SOTA after the audition and interview. She brought her prepared art portfolio which she did in fine arts and claywork of those she did with u as well, her P5 sch results and whatever awards she won, the testimonials from you and her fine arts sch. The audition was a half a day affair. Not only she has to present her things to the teachers and go through a brief interview, she also has to do an essay from 1 of the 3 topics given in the lecture theatre. I am not sure if u know the chances to get in is 1 in 7 to 8 pax. SOTA conducts their auditions in March and June hols and out of the thousands, only 200-300 are admitted each year comprising of 4 categories - music, dance, drama, fine arts.
            Once again thank you for your assistance, I am sure it helped.



Name: Jacob Meyers, age 10

Address: 254 Carpmael Road
Singapore 429964


Without guidance, before joining our Art Program, Jacob had explored the various ways of using paints and other to create his own art pieces and even attempted sewing for his school art project. He is very enthusiastic about art, very attentive with interest to learn and explore the different approach of using the clay art medium. Jacob is a quick learner, good nature, patient and is also very imaginative.

Our programs on Art and Clay revolve around drawing / creating objects using basic shapes, making Jacob understand the relationship between two dimensional drawings and how to create three dimensional objects using Polymer Clay. It is an effective way to
fulfils Jacob's creative mind.

Through our program Jacob is developing a good sense of composition, better visualisation of colour and a good basic sense of proportion. We have had the Joy and Opportunity to teach such a meticulous and bright child. Jacob Meyers is very creative and has a great eye for Art. He has a pleasant and charming personality which everyone here at Play Creation adore.

For more information and testimony, you may e-mail us at:



Name: Sim Li-Lin, Linnet

Linnet has been a student of Play Creation Play Clay Workshop since the age of 4.  We have had the joy and opportunity to teach such a meticulous and bright child. She is a very quick learner and invest time to her learning.  She is very creative and has a great eye for Art.

Linnet is very friendly and helpful towards her seniors and juniors during lessons. She isn't selfish with her ideas and concepts.  She is very receptive towards comments and advice and would always take into consideration the next time she embarks on a new project.

Linnet is very open to new concepts and ideas. She never ceases to amaze her classmates with her work and they always look up to her as an example.  She has a very pleasant and charming personality which everyone here at Play Creation adore. Her ability to stay focus during clay lessons is very commendable despite the many distractions.

Linnet is very co-operative with her instructors and that is how she is able to excel in her learning process. She is very organise in her work and would always plan before starting a new project.  There is more to Linnet than this testimony, you may e-mail us at

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