Tutorial and Photography by Garie Sim


Be careful not to apply too much epoxy glue onto the lip of the globe cover, otherwise it will drip onto the Snowman Miniature and mess up the project. After setting the globe cover onto the black oval base, wipe the excess epoxy glue with your finger.The method of application will ensure pushing of the excess glue between the tiny gap along the black oval base, ensuring a tight seal between the cover and the base. Beside, using epoxy to seal the globe, you can also use hobby plastic cement. Allow the globe to cure for at least one hour. Create a small funnel with used superglue cover or paper, position the funnel as above Pour tiny plastic "Snow flakes" through the small funnel, the quantity depends on you. Beside the tiny plastic "snow Flakes" you can also add rainbow glitters to make it more interesting. Add two drops of Preservative to prevent the water from getting cloudy after a few months. By now the Snowman Globe should have settled for more than two hours. Pour tap water into the hole at the black oval base. When the globe is filled with water, capped it with the mini PVC cap provided by the manufacturer. Finally, we have completed the Snowman Globe Project. Shake it and enjoy the snow globe. I Hope You Enjoy The Tuitorial !


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