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The Snowman miniature is set into white translucent Cernit polymer clay. The base is proportion to the Eberhard Faber small oval globe 70mm X 52mm. Make sure that you do not cover the hole at the black oval display base.

Baking the Snowman with the base in the convection oven at 130ºC for 15 to 20min. Although the snowman already baked earlier, it is perfectly alright to bake together. Protect your table with a cardboard as this is the most messy part of the tuitorial. Using two parts epoxy glue the Snowman and to seal the globe. Press out from the A and B epoxy glue in equal proportion. The mixing of the epoxy glue must be in equal proportion to have a stronger setting. Mixed both parts thoroughly with toothpicks. Apply the glue onto the black oval display base, be careful no to apply any glue onto the hole at the base. Position the Snowman Miniature onto the black oval display base, make sure that the miniature must not cover the hole. Let it set for 15 to 20 min. Apply more epoxy glue, spread it wider than the diameter transparent oval shape globe cover. By moving the globe cover on the glue patch, will ensure proper spreading of the epoxy glue onto the lip of the oval globe cover. SNOWMAN GLOBE PAGE 2


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