A X'mas Gift For A Friend
Smallest Snowman In A Mini Glass Tube 
By Artist Garie Sim

Scale of the glass tube

Diameter of the tube opening

" Wahah....steady ...don't bend your finger! " Snowman,

Scale of the snowman

Perfect fit in the tube

Complete set up waiting to be assembled

Testing the snow plug and the cap cover

Water filled tube with snow flakes and glitters

The sealed cover is left to set for an hour

A Completed X' mas Gift project for a Friend

While my friend is in the tube, from here on the finger tip, I'm wishing everyone,
A Merry Christmas and Have A Good Trip, If You Are Going Away!




About Friend

Make a gift for a friend on Christmas day
No gift can replace what you make from clay

Friends are plenty when you comes with money
When you are down with no money, there ain't any

Friends come from far and wide
Trusted friend will stay by your side

Friend will stick with you through thick and thin
Making sure you are alright, will gave you a ring

Trusted friend will always have a place in our heart
You must love and appreciate them, create a gift of art

By Garie Sim

25th November 2011



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