The World's Smallest Polymer Clay Scuba Divers


I was commissioned by a client in United State to create the smallest Aquafloats, I had chosen Sculpey Premo polymer clay, it proved to be strong and flexible for tiny detail. To further making it more realistic, I also utilized a little rubber clay for its thin web feet. After the completion it was tested in a mixture of salt water to create buoyancy. The test was successful, it's amazing and fun to see the tiny Aquafloat suspending in the middle of the water container for a long time.

Hey! What are you doing to me in the oven?


Ahhhhhhhhh.......give me the air tank !!!!


Waahaaa.........I'm rich !!!!


Let me big bully !!


Where is everybody ?


Well, one thing for sure there isn't any shark around.


Thanks, now I have more company to go diving in the container.

The above are more display of the Aquafloats from 1 1/ 2" to less than 3 / 4" some of them are prototype and I am still experimenting and adjusting its floating and buoying position. Client's Comments:


We received the items ... they look great. You do excellent work. We will start testing ASAP. It will probably take a couple of months to see how well they work in the environment. In the meantime, I guess we could do some rough scopings to see what the mass products costs would be. What do you think? I appreciate your feedback.






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Smallest Scuba Diver with rubberizd fins



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