HOW TO CONDITION AND SOFTEN THE TWENTY OVER YEARS OLD POLYMER CLAY? I had received an email from Gayle Schmitte on 22/11/03, Subject: Softening older clay, "I would like to know how to soften clay that has been packed away for years and needs to be softened to use. I hate to throw away all the clay that was located in the craft room, but had not been used for several years.I did not know if there is an extender that could be used or if it should be softened in water or just how to accomplish this mission. If you could ge me some input on his, I would be most appreciative. The clay is FIMO. My e-mail address is ---------------------------. Thank you for your help. G. Schmitte" Below are the process of conditioning and softening of my collection of Fimo Classic Polymer Clay which was kept for more than twenty over years, since 1982. You will need a rubber mallet or rubber hammer. Without removing the wrapper, hammer to compress the polymer clay. Hit and compress from side to side. The polymer clay will eventually compressed and soften into a cube. Add a little baby oil to mix and soften the clay. You will need to mix the oil and knead the clay. This is the result after the process, the twenty years old clay is ready to use.

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