Haunted Toilet Project

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The architectual, interior and commercial design of Singapore artist and designer Garie Sims. Also featuring Garie's polymer clay sculpture, illustration, cartooning and animation art work.
Unique and comical miniature clay creations by Garie Sim. The World's Smallest Teddy Bear, smallest snow globe, smallest magnetic figures and Film Spool Art chess sets

Creative clay modeling and drawing classes for children in Singapore being offered by Garie Sim.

Singapore artist and designer express his art works in multi medium.

Using Polymer Clay to create school projects, learning a life skill in arts and creativity, to develop their fine motorskills and improve hand and eye coordination





Each set comes with 2 super sharp blades that are perfect for cutting all types of clay. The flexible blade allows for curved cuts and slicing smear-free millefoire canes. Suggested for adult use only.

Item No. SB

Tissue Slicing Blades

* Extra Thin, super sharp cutting blade for all types of polymer clay.
* Flexible for curved cuts.
* Smear-free slices for Millefiore canes!

Sin $ 13.50 per set ( 2 blades )

Individual 4 inches Slicing blades at $ 8.00 per pieces


Hundreds of 4 inches Tissue Blades for projects


Amaco 4 inches T Blades 3/pkg $11.00


Amaco 6 inches NuBlades 3/pkg $19.50


Amaco 6 nches PolyBlades 1/pkg $14.00


Flexible and shape PolyBlade



8700 04

Fimo Blade Cutters

$16.00 per set ( 3 blades )


Super Slicer By Studio


These long, thin blades cut smoothly through clay while the interchangeable comfort handles protect hands and fingers. Includes four different blades (rigid, flexible, wavy and rick-rack) and one set of snap-on handles.

Attaching handles and blades (PDF) ...mf, make that li

Sin $ 25.00 per set ( 4 blades )


HOLDING THE BLADE (fig.1) Use both hands to grasp the unsharpened end (end with "notch") of the Sculpey Super Slicer between your thumb and forefinger as shown.

SLICING (fig. 2) The Sculpey Super Slicer is so thin and sharp that most items can be cut simply by applying even, downward pressure to the piece you want to slice.



ROCKING OUT (fig. 3) Some clays have a higher surface tension and are best sliced using this technique. Rock the blade up and down while slicing your millefiori cane.



ROLLING OUT (fig. 4) Just like it sounds, move the Sculpey Super Slicer back and forth to make your cut.



CURVED CUTS (fig. 5) The flexible Super Slicer is perfect for making curved cuts and slices.

TIP To insure the cleanest cut possible, let your clay rest a few minutes before slicing, or put it in the freezer to firm it up prior to making your cut.


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