Combining 6 types of polymer clay into beads, the clay are Sculpey 3, Sculpey Premo,
 Super Sculpey, Fimo Soft, Fimo Classic and Cernit. I had created the six multi-pc beads
to test in the microwave oven. Microwaving the beads is set to 15 minutes. Actually 
even setting it within 10 minutes is sufficient to harden the beads.


After microwaving the multi-pc beads, the evaporation of the water level 
is about 60% from the mark level.

Unfinished beads in comparison to the polished bead. Whitish layer,
finger prints around the unfinished beads.

Polished beads shines with direct cotton fabric polishing or fine compound

Close up view of the drill polished bead, noticed the shine on the 
surface, microwaved beads are tough. Drilling it does not cracked
the bead.




Combining other types of clay with one another does not deteriorates the clay properties or
in any way weaken the clay. The above test shows that the microwaved multi-pc beads are 
 tough and there is no problem in using microwave oven to harden the beads.



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