Young Artist Linnet

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The architectual, interior and commercial design of Singapore artist and designer Garie Sims. Also featuring Garie's polymer clay sculpture, illustration, cartooning and animation art work.
Unique and comical miniature clay creations by Garie Sim. The World's Smallest Teddy Bear, smallest snow globe, smallest magnetic figures and Film Spool Art chess sets

Creative clay modeling and drawing classes for children in Singapore being offered by Garie Sim.

Singapore artist and designer express his art works in multi medium.

Using Polymer Clay to create school projects, learning a life skill in arts and creativity, to develop their fine motorskills and improve hand and eye coordination


Young Artist Nikki

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Foam, Mask And Others

There are many other crafts tools, art materials, beside the clay polymer clays and accessories. The following are also availiable in the shop.

Foam Board

The Foarm Board are useful in adding dimension to your clay modeling. You can creates a room, a miniature home, a wall, open box etc Sin $12.00 per pack


Acrylic Sheet Heat shrinking acrylic sheet are use for key ring design, creating dew drops for miniature flower and leaf, creating water for miniature ponds,etc. Sin $6.50 per pack Crafter's Drill And Router You can string your polymer clay beads, with the drill. Drilling through thin wood, plastic and alluminium, powered by batteries. Comes in two colors, light grey for router and blue color for drill. Sin $36.00 per pack Assembled Sin $60.00 per drill Mask Paper Mask for polymer clay or acrylic paints, oil paints, pencil or marker Sin $ 3.00 Paper Mask for polymer clay or acrylic paints, oil paints, pencil or marker Sin $ 3.00 2 Parts Epoxy Glue Bondite 90 minutes (Standard) $ 5.80

Bondite 4 minutes (Steel Epoxy) $ 5.80 Bondite 5 minutes (Rapid) $ 5.80 Wooden Rotating Base 6 inches and 10 inches Diameter Price $15.00 and $20.00 Make Your Display Stand Out Two Speeds, Two Kinds of Display Sheets

Table diameter: 20cm, Height: 5.5cm, Color: Gray. This ABS resin turntable can adequately display a model up to 2kg. The turntable features a mirror like display sheet and a pavement display sheet which are excellent for exhibiting any model. In addition, you can choose either a high or slow turntable speed. Models shown on the slow moving turntable clearly look great! ÅöUses one R20/D/UM1 battery. One battery will be able to power

Let's have a look at the movie!

MOV (approx. 5.3MB)( Quick Time)

WMV (approx. 14.7MB)(Windows Media Player) Streaming

Please take a look at the turntable in use.

Price: Sin $60.00

Humbrol Poly Cement E4021 Sin $ 2.50 E4422 Sin $ 4.50


*The value above are fixed retail prices at our Clay and Art shop * International orders will have to add packaging and freight charges.

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