The Dollhouse Miniature And Accessories

ts-24 Sin $8.00(wood/solid metal)
Detail of the metal tools
gt-04 Sin $3.50(wood/metal)
tsb-25 Sin $3.00(plastic/metal)
fb-03 Sin $2.00(furry bearl)
chg-21 Sin $8.00
bc-22 Sin $2.00 (each)(metal)
dob- 20 Sin $7.00(paper)
clk-06 Sin $9.00(solid metal)

gat-23 Sin $3.00(wood/metal)
ks-79 Sin $9.00(plastic)
gab-76 Sin $9.00(metal)
pal-72 Sin $3.00metal)
pap-77Sin $3.00(metal)
tas-74Sin $3.00(metal)
ch-07 Sin $8.00(brass metal)
db-19 Sin $3.00
sem-40 Sin $5.00(metal)

mup-21 Sin $80.00(collectable)
Detail 1
Detail 2
pfrm-32 Sin $9 (rasin)
pfrm-19 Sin $ 12.00(wood)
pfrm-30 Sin $12 (wood)
mup-22 Sin $80.00(collectable)
Detail 1
Detail 2

dor-29 Sin $15.00(wool with dog)
wcc-34 Sin $3.00(metal)
mop-36 Sin $2.00
bol-44 Sin $10.00(brass)
sat-46 Sin $18(plastic/metal)
pap-50 Sin $4.00(metal)
tbc-56 Sin $4.00(metal)
mag-59 Sin $5.00(readable pages)
mdm-53 Sin $3.00(paper)

tap-60 Sin $10.00(metal)
bdd-08 Sin $3.00(glass/metal)
mod-011 Sin $6.00(plastic/paper)
lam-47 Sin $3.00(metal)
ch-02 Sin $6.00(solid metal)
cf-01 Sin $3.50(plastic)

More Dollhouse Miniature And Accessories

*The value above are fixed retail prices at our Clay and Art shop * International orders will have to add packaging and freight charges.


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