Three Bears on a Coin

Miniature Bears

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The architectual, interior and commercial design of Singapore artist and designer Garie Sims. Also featuring Garie's polymer clay sculpture, illustration, cartooning and animation art work.
Unique and comical miniature clay creations by Garie Sim. The World's Smallest Teddy Bear, smallest snow globe, smallest magnetic figures and Film Spool Art chess sets

Creative clay modeling and drawing classes for children in Singapore being offered by Garie Sim.

Singapore artist and designer express his art works in multi medium.

Using Polymer Clay to create school projects, learning a life skill in arts and creativity, to develop their fine motorskills and improve hand and eye coordination



 Smurf Home

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 King of the year

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 Fimo Basic Clay Technique

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Methods Of Clay 

Softening 20 yrs. old Fimo


Conditioning Fimo Clay 
Without The Crumb 

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Fimo Basic Tute

Fimo Basic 1

Fimo Basic 2

Fimo Basic 3

Fimo Basic 4

Fimo Basic 5

Fimo Basic 6

Fimo Dolly

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Modeling Clay

Our modern society is hectic and stressful, being able to model objects in clay according to one's own intuition, taste and ideas, is a way to relax and de-stress. Old civilizations used to model their household vessels out of clay with their bare hands. Making our own crockery is no longer a necessity today, but due to man's need to express himself, modeling has become a very popular hobby. Children should have the opportunity to work creatively, as a step towards their motor skill and visual developments, a task which is one of the most important for art teacher. FIMO is pre-destined as a modeling material for children and grown-ups, and will fulfill their wishes in creative modeling.

About Fimo

FIMO is a synthetic modeling material which, in order for it to become pliable, be kneaded well. The kneaded material stays pliant for weeks and months. It advisable to store FIMO in plastic bags, tupperware container or tin boxes. FIMO is available in 24 brilliant colors, 24 basic colors and 24 effect colors which can be mixed by kneading. Detail instructions for mixing are found in the color chart After modeling, simply place the clay object into a pre-heated kitchen oven, set at 110 degree C to harden for about 30 min. to one hour depending on the size of the model. After cooling, the model can be coated with FIMO-varnish to achieve its glossy appearance. The varnish also provides an additional protective coating and intensifies the brilliance of its color. The paint-brushes can be safely clean with acetone or water depending on lacquer or water-based varnish. FIMO can be used over and over again as long as it hasn't been hardened in the oven, should be stored at normal room temperature. Baked FIMO model can be added with additional detail of your own preference and baked it again, provided it hasn't been varnished. Hardened FIMO can be drilled, carved, sawn cut and painted. It is non-toxic, waterproof, washable and odorless.

8000-.. Fimo classic standard block

55 x 55 x 15 mm, segmented into 8 portions, 24 brilliant colors

Price per 65 g, Sin $5.30

8001-.. Fimo classic large block

165 x 55 x 30 mm, segmented into 8 portions, 24 brilliant colors

Price per 350g, Sin $28.00

8026 Fimo Mix Quick

Kneading Medium for Fimo and other polymer clay

Clay Softener

100g Block Sin $7.50

8700 08 Fimo Grind'n Polish Set

3 different grades of sanding sponges (fine, superfine, microfine)

For wet sanding and smoothing of hardened FIMO surfaces

Flexible foam sheets are ideal for the sanding of round and curved FIMO objects

The ideal extension to the FIMO range

Accessory particularly suitable for use with FIMO

The perfect accessory for working with an adding impressive finishes to our range of modelling clays

Easy to wash out and reusable

 Sin $14.30




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