How To Condition Fimo Clay Without The Crumb

I have been using Fimo Polymer for many years and I like Fimo Classic for its quality, but now I prefer Sculpey III, Sculpey Premo and Super Sculpey. When I first set up the Play Clay classes, I gave my young students Fimo soft clay, but they were disappointed with the crumbs and have difficulty conditioning the polymer clay. Fimo 'SOFT' was a bit misleading and it was not so suitable for kids, the problem is the crumbs as you roll the clay. It is quite difficult to control the crumbs if you had not try out the clay, sometime it can mess up the floor. My solution: compress and compact the Fimo clay before you condition them.


You will need a rubber mallet or wooden roller Without removing the wrapper, hammer to compress the polymer clay. Hit and compress from side to side with the roller. The polymer clay will eventually compressed and soften into a cube. Roll and start to condition the Fimo clay, look there is no crumbs. To soften the clay further use sculpey softening liquid. INFORMATION ABOUT THE NEW TEMPERATURE FOR FIMO POLYMER CLAY FIMO CLAY CHANGED ITS FORMULA AND UPDATE LATEST INFORMATION ABOUT FIMO POLYMER CLAY WHICH TYPES OF THE POLYMER CLAY IS THE STRONGEST? Nov. 2003

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