Ballerina Girl

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The architectual, interior and commercial design of Singapore artist and designer Garie Sims. Also featuring Garie's polymer clay sculpture, illustration, cartooning and animation art work.
Unique and comical miniature clay creations by Garie Sim. The World's Smallest Teddy Bear, smallest snow globe, smallest magnetic figures and Film Spool Art chess sets

Creative clay modeling and drawing classes for children in Singapore being offered by Garie Sim.

Singapore artist and designer express his art works in multi medium.

Using Polymer Clay to create school projects, learning a life skill in arts and creativity, to develop their fine motorskills and improve hand and eye coordination


Wedding Gown

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Mini Globe

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Chair Bears

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CERNIT Soft and easy to work, right out of the package. No other material will give you the translucence you get with Cernit no. 1 and its tensile strength lets you work with the thinnest imaginable pieces. Cernit no. 1 cures to a porcelain-like finish while Cernit Neon-Light is luminescent in bright, day-glo colors and Cernit Glamour colors are pearlescents. Many shades of color available and all able to be mixed to create still other tones. Curing to a porcelain-like finish, it adds a dimension to craft projects that puts them in their own category. Manufacturer recommended temperatures 215-270° F for 15-30minutes. Bakes to a very hard and resilient finish.


What Makes Cernit So Good? Exceptional strength in a polymer clay - higher "green" tensile strength means thatyou can roll out extremely thin pieces and cross sections without crumbling or breaking apart. In cured pieces, from doll sculpts to jewelry and art pieces, there is less risk of breakage. Longer shelf life - as a polymer clay, Cernit will not air cure, however care should always be taken to store clay in cooler rather than warmer areas. Cernit can remain workable for more than a year even out of the package, given the proper care. Substantially easier to use directly from the package - Kneading by hand is something that all polymer clays require in preparation for use. One of Cernit's most distinguishing attributes is its ease of use right out of the package. Although it can not eliminate the "need to knead," you will enjoy spending more time on your projects and not on your clay! Translucent and not opaque - Cernit is the only polymer clay that is truly translucent. Finished projects have a warmth and realism impossible to achieve with other clays. It can make your dolls look life-like and your jewelry come alive. Curing to a porcelain-like finish, it adds a dimension to craft projects that puts them in their own category. Color Charts For Cernit One and Cernit Nature


Clay Packing

Cernit 65gm Pack Sin $6.30 Cernit 250gm Pack Sin $21.50 *The value above are fixed retail prices at our Clay and Art shop * International orders will have to add packaging and freight charges.

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