ASSISTING STUDENTS CREATING SCHOOL PROJECTS Service to help and teach student of all ages to create school projects for submission. The special project class are availiable at Garie's Art Workshop. Fees are are based on project and requirement. For further information please call 63458384 or email


Project 1

Creating a Parrot for school project


Project 2

Creating erosion on the rocky coast.


Detailing of charms, pinnacles, caves and arches


Project 3 Prototype basic product design Track shoe cleaner First lets squeezeeeee.........some soap water Then we brush betwen the groves


Project 4 Edgar school project: The Firing Cook 20 / 07/ 04 Hi Garie Edgar's project this week is to receive letters at his school. This week, school is look at postal workers and fire fighters. Can you write Edgar a letter / post card (a short one like "how are you, ...") and post it to him at xxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxx Singapore 169043 Thanks. Lee Hoon 20 / 07/ 04


I will sent him something special .



Project 5

Recycle plastic cups and camera electronic component into Lanterns for the festival Assisting Student Creating School Projects Project 1 to 5


CamTank For The School Project


More School Projects


Student Winning Award For Creative School Project


Teaching Students To Create An Idea And Concept For A Product Design In Their School Project Teaching Student Jael's Lantern Project Custom Made For School Project Teaching And Assisting Student In Submitting School Project


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