Pocket Monsters
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After teaching more than hundreds of young students, in creative polymer clay, they began to develop their own individual interest for certain subject. I always taught them to be flexible in making anything from flowers to animals.
Inevitably, most of the young are now influenced by the little pocket monsters. They are pestering me to teach them how to create the pocket monsters. The subject are not conducted in my classes, but I encourage them to create. By teaching the young to incorporate my basic clay technique with their individual interest, I ask them to turn their interests, into reality. After a few months of the clay classes, I am happy to know from my students that they did not need to buy that little monsters, all they do is to make them. I am also glad to know that they had actually save some pocket money for their parents. Some of my students actually creates new pokemon characters, together, we have created more that one hundred of new monsters each with their individual, characteristic and technique. New games are also invented for their new monsters.
In dedication to that little monster which had great power of influencing the world's children. I now present the creations, probably the world's smallest POKEMON, created by me and my students.




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