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Garie Sim's intensive research and study of the benefits of play clay reveals to us the versatility of the medium-clay, which, in turn, promotes the children's capacity to imagine, mould and create, thus improving the flexibility and adaptability required in any innovative response to the world. Playing with clay will shows the way toward self-expression and the attaining of a sense of self through the act of creation. Children who play computer game continuously neglect their school work and other more beneficial activities like music, art and reading. Playing with polymer clay gets children to exercise their hands and fingers with the kneading, shaping and the sensing of the shapes they create. Garie's classes are styled in such a way that the children of different ages and capabilities intermingle, giving them opportunities to interact socially, thus inculcating in them better communicative skills and improved reflexes and reactions. The success of play-clay in developing the social skills, positive self-image and confidence of the children are mirrored by the artistic endeavors of his students whose creations have been featured in the media.

Unlike traditional clay and pottery classes that make ceramics from earthen clay, the colorful polymer clay that Garie uses in his classes encourages a child's sense of visual artistry. The malleability of clay also allows the child the wonderful opportunity to exercise his or her imagination. Garie's myriad educational and commercial projects have been featured in magazines and television programs for children.

Garie encapsulates the key benefit of play-clay in this succinct remark about his classes, "The class environment lays the foundation for creative thinking in children, preparing them for the future, their aspirations and careers." His focus on visualization instills in the children the necessary life skill of problem-solving. "Children learn that there are many solutions to a problem through these classes," expounds Garie. He teaches them to picture the object intended for creation and their imagination and senses are engaged as they convert two-dimentional images to three-dimentional creations through visual memory. Their involvement in art and design as well as the contributions to school events promotes the initiative necessary for young entrepreneurship.


Nicholas: Hey do you want some?
  Nicholas Fruits Always Stays Fresh Forever As It 's Made Fom Polymer Clay.
  Samantha's Polymer Clay Painting
Samantha: Maybe One Day I will Clay Paint Like Artist Hollis Sigler .
  Adam: Join Me To Made This Treasure!
Adam's Polymer Clay Treasure 
  Sarah: My Mum Want Me To Be Creative


I Just Wants To Express My Love For what I Can Made With Polymer Clay
  Eden Polymer Clay Flower

Eden: I Loves To Create Gifts Without Buying Them


  Elwin: I Can Make My Favourite Toy, My Daddy Is Very Proud Of Me Cause, I Don't Have To Ask Him To Buy Them
Ben Ten: Polymer Clay Alien Force Brain Storm
Groudon: Kyogre Everyday Will BeYour Sunny Day!


Aden: Are You Guys Surprised that I can Catch A Groudon? Come Join Our Class And I Will Teach You
Faries On The Wires
Charmaine: Learning The Clay Skill Gives Me The Magical Power To Create Clay Faries
  Ethan's Astronaut
Next, I am Going To Create A Clay Spaceship And Sent Him Into Space
  We Are Going To Bless Them In Their Wedding Bliss
Alexi And Joanne A Wedding Gifts From Polymer Clay
  Keon: Come To Our Polymer Clay Workshop, Create A Bicycle, Car Or Bustop


Keon: Would You Buy My Dinosaur Or My Bicycle
Jesper: Built A Toy Rocket And Save Your Money In Your Pocket
Recycling Of Cok Can, Yakult Bottle Engine, Globe For Rocket Booster, Polymer Clay For The Nose And Fins
Information About Polymer Clay Class For Children
Information About Polymer Clay Class For Adult
Learning Creative Clay Education For Children
The Importance Of Play Clay Classes For Children

Example : Young Artist Linnet Sim


Learning The Fun Way To Creative Drawing


Young children learn very quickly, and drawing in Garie Sim's classes is fun! The lessons are very interesting and simple, revolving around drawing objects using basic shapes, numbers and alphabets. Garie also demonstrates the relationship between two-dimensional drawings and creating three-dimensional objects in Polymer clay. Every single form or shape the children draw can be interpreted into three-dimensional objects. This will in turn develop in the child's mind a good sense of composition, better visualization of color, and a firm basic sense of proportion. 

Children are natural artist. Their expression in the Arts are usually uninhibited and free, without  any conceptual understanding of design, proportion and composition. Their works are often based simply on their basic perception and ever-active imagination.
Training children to develop drawing skills is important. Without proper training and direction, children tend to gradually lose the natural ability and confidence in the Arts as they reach adulthood. As we grow, our perception of objects and our environment are ' colored ' by our own unique experiences in life. We became more aware of the differences in basic and complexities of concept. Expectation between perfection and realism also tend to heighten. However, in Art, to express our visual perception on paper or canvas require the skill, which are acquired through proper training, not just by practice alone.

Training children in drawing skills includes teaching them the ability to classify objects visually into basic shapes, most of all there's element of fun in learning. Composing basic shapes into a picture will help them create two-dimensional drawing, to further their artistic endeavors, learning play clay will help to convert the drawing into three-dimensional objects with polymer clay. By feeling and shaping the clay, it will enhance their imagination, improves their motor skill, hand and eye coordination.

From my experience in teaching hundreds of children, we only use the basic medium that are, pencil, pen, colored pencil, recycling of paper and acrylic paint. Children learning the basic drawing skill, should not be exposed or introduced to, too many art mediums at such a tender age. They must stay focus in learning the basic drawing skill and able to draw on their own by using the basic medium. Children that learn and understand the concept of drawing skill, will eventually be able to use the other mediums naturally, through experiencing and experimenting with them.

Expressing arts on paper or canvas requires creative imagination, confident, experience in drawing skill.


  Siew Hoon Enhancing Coloured Pencil With Paper Collage
  Natasha : Who Is Cuter Me Or My Bear?
  Charmaine Learning To Draw Basic Shapes To Improve Her Drawing Skill
  Teaching Alexi To Draw And Create Her Own Story Book
Teaching Kids Drawing And Create In 3D With Polymer Clay
Building An Art Skill, Enhancing Fifi's Interest On Drawing And Clay


Idea And Design On Paper By Alexi And Joan Team "Clicked Above Image For The Link"


  Execution Of The 2D Drawing In Polymer Clay

Scuba Diver Drawing, Idea And Design By Garie Sim
  Scuba Diver Created In Polymer Clay By Garie
  Drawing Of The Dolphin Snow Globe Idea And Design By Garie Sim


 Dolphin Snow Globe Created With Polymer Clay And Recycled Dispenser Machine Toy Globe Cover
  Kervyn The Autistic Kid And His Clay Work "Clicked Above Image For The Link"
  Kervyn's Drawing Of The Design Concept In Colored Pencil
  The Underside Of The Spaceship Design Created In Polymer Clay Creation
  The Topside Of The Spaceship Design Created In Polymer Clay


Drawing Help To Create Clear illustration And Instructions


The Instructions Help Children To Create A Three Dimensional Project
Drawing Skill Using Computer As the Tool And Medium To Express And Illustrate Your Ideas
Drawing Skill Using Computer As the Tool And Medium To Express And Illustrate Your Ideas
Drawing Skill Using Computer As the Tool And Medium To Express And Illustrate Your Ideas
  Convert Drawing Skill To Clay Skill In 3D To Play With Your Ideas
 Information About Drawing Class For Children
 Information About Drawing Skill For Children

Example : Young Artist Alexandra Moosa

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