Creating Polymer Clay Message with Photoshop


Image from courtesy of "BRITS AT THEIR BEST " David Abbott and Catherine Glass 2006






We are the innocence soul of the Arctic
Will be loosing our home as the clock Tick

Everyday as the sun shine on the Artic Ice
It is melting twice as fast to our Surprise

Stopping Global Warming is no longer Winning
Current COP 15 Copenhagan Game is Loosing

As the entire Arctic ecosystem is in Jeopardy
We will be extinct by the end of this Century

If you care about Me, Walrus, Foxes and Seals
All the selfish human must agree to make a Deal

Reversed the warming and give us back our ice Pack
The World will turn green and happiness will be Back

Garie Sim December 2009



Making Of Pom Polar Bear

Making Of Pom Santa Claus

Making Of Pom Snowman

Making Of Snow Base


Dated 15/12/09


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