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Asian Children's Festival Presents Furry Polymer Clay

This is a fun-filled session where children would learn to create adorable furry magnets, badge pin clips, and other accessories by moulding and kneading polymer clay. Suitable for both boys and girls. Limited to 20 children aged 9 - 12.


Date/Time: Sunday Nov 2, 2:00pm - 3:30pm Venue: Level 5 - Possibility in National Library Building Language: English Subject: Art Channel: Bounce Registration: Event is fully booked. Another Successful Workshop By Play Creation FURRY PROJECTS AND LINKS


Creating Miniature Furries By Combining Polymer Clay With Pipe Cleaner Creating A Hundred Furry Miniatures As Gifts, For All My Young Students How To Create A Cute Furry Bear Using Polymer Clay And Pipe Cleaner Half Size Miniature Furries..... The World's Smallest Delphi Forum: Half Size Miniature Furries... The World's Smallest CITY-O-Clay Forum: Miniature Furries How To Create A Prehistoric Furry Mammoth Using Polymer Clay And Pipe Cleaner Decorative Furry Ball Combined With Polymer Clay And Pipe Cleaner To Create, Learn, Play and Gift Encouraging Young Students In Play Clay Enrichment Class Rewarding Them With Handmade Gifts MINI AD-VENTURE Making miniatures combining polymer clay with color balls, poms poms to pipe cleaners



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