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Garie was inspired to create the miniature boxes, as his creations were expanding rapidly and it was too small to display them. Many of Garie's friends and admirers would like to hold the miniatures and scrutinise them but it was very difficult to hold and view them. Sometimes, someone would accidentally drop the miniature from their hand and it will dissappeared into the carpet.

Box Palm

His creations were tiny and fragile. When held too tightly, there is a tendency for these creations to be damaged. The idea 'in the box' was to provide his miniatures with a lively environment, so that anybody who collects these miniatures would find it easier to handle and appreciate them better. These mini boxes can also be incorporated into the greeting card as a collectable gift. To view the mini boxes better, Garie had specially created an unusual magnifying glass which can be purchased separately from the Miniature Art Box. These collectable mini box series are individually handmade. No two are exactly the same.

Tubby Bear

The miniature boxes are very detailed. For example, you can view the Tubby Teddy bathing in the tub with his rubber ducky. The size of the box is 3cm x 3cm, 1.7cm D, with removal transparent front Acrylic cover.





 Mini Art1

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 Magnifying Glass




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