Melting Snowman For Christmas December 2011
A Reminder That The World Is Getting Even Hotter

By Artist Garie Sim

 Snowman meliting on the coin

Snowman comparing with a 18 mm diameter ten cents coin

Warm finger melting the Snowman,

Tiny glass sticker created within 15 minutes of play time, 
polymer clay mixtures of  Sculpey and Fimo liquid gel.



With the drastic global climate change,

Every Christmas from now on, won't be the same.

While we pray for peace and Joy to all and the needy,

Politician and Businessman are to be blamed for selfish and greedy.

Although, we as human being are very distructive,

All of us must unite to save the World as our directive.

Merry Christmas to all, while it last,

My wish for Christmas is to see our World breathing like in the past.


By Garie Sim

November 2011


Tiny Clay Snowman Gift

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