Testing and playing with all kind of clay products was a resourceful experiences, I stumble onto Friendly Plastic in 1986 and initially found it to be an interesting plastic clay. I liked its brilliant color ranges, the flexible quality that can create items, such as plastic masks, toys, springs and ergonomically designed catapult, fishing bait etc.. I had made many interesting toys for my children. Melting it in hot water was the most interesting and challenging way of making your creations, within minutes before it become solidify. Since1986 I had created more than five hundred pieces of my work. Unfortunately, just about two year later, the product became unfriendly and ninety five percent of my creations were damaged beyond repair. I had managed to salvage five percent of my plastic arts, put them in clear acrylic display boxes. Even now the five percent of my creations are falling into pieces whenever I move the boxes. The followings are some of my mask series.

Masks & Weapons
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Masks 2

The Lost Arts

Art Mask

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